The Now - Suphala

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Track Listing

1.0Transport   05.21 minutes
2.0Memory   04.53 minutes
3.0Wind Farm Harvest   04.10 minutes
4.0Forever Maybe   03.58 minutes
5.0Piscean Dreamer   04.52 minutes
6.0Twin   05.33 minutes
7.0Secret Language   04.33 minutes
8.0Lover   04.01 minutes
9.0Hallway Man   05.09 minutes
10.0Night Flower   03.57 minutes
11.0Meeting   02.49 minutes
12.0Destination   04.48 minutes 


In The NOW, Suphala creates her own distinctive sound that blends the timeless with the new, a sound that is constantly evolving and which draws energy from world around her.

The Now Concept:

To say one's music is futuristic is ignorance, as the great masters have done it all before. Not only they, but the wind, the ocean, the silence, the universe is in every breath.

With technology as part of nature, we continue to create what is infinite: rhythm and melody - found only in the now - the only reality which truly exists.
"The Now" because it is this very moment. Timeless.. a portal into a world you want to be in...the music, a vehicle to take you there.

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