Thomas Ashley-Farrand - Mantra Meditation for Attracting & Healing Relationships

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Track Listing

1. Introduction

2. How to create your own mantra program

3. The search for relationship

4. The nature of power

5. Om Shreem Mitraya Namaha

6. Mantras for developing masculine characteristics

7. Manras for developing feminine characteristics

8. Mantras to mitigate over-development of the masculine

9. Mantras to mitigate over-development of the feminine

10. The peace mantras to mitigate anger, fear, and jealousy

11. The Ganesha mantra for bringing appropriate items and situations under control

12. A mantra for increasing confidence in a relationship

13. Mantra to find a spiritual husband

14. Mantra to find a spiritual wife

15. Mantra for the supreme masculine

16. Mantra for the supreme feminine

17. A final ancient prayer to improve our relationship with God

Attract Love with the Power of Sacred Sound. What if you could harness the energies of the universe to bring love into your life and nourish it for a lifetime? According to the sages of India, you can - through the ancient art and science of sacred sound and chant. Mantras, teaches Thomas Ashley-Farrand, are specific sound intonations that directly affect our inner states and the people around us. On Mantra Meditation for Attracting & Healing Relationships, you will join this respected master of the tradition to learn a complete series of specific mantras to attract a spiritually fulfilling (and desirable!) partner into your life ... heal the relationships you now have with others ... cultivate love and mitigate fear, anger, and jealousy within yourself, and much more. These simple yet powerful mantras take only a few minutes a day to use. Experience profound changes in yourself and those around you after using them for only 40 days. Complete with printed reference guide.

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