Thomas Otten - Close to Silence

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Track Listing

1.0Qualitati Umane   02.01 minutes
2.0Dulciate   04.08 minutes
3.0Espiritu   03.17 minutes
4.0Divigi Tu   03.50 minutes
5.0Close To Silence   04.15 minutes
6.0Underdown Aperture   04.02 minutes
7.0Utter Confusion   01.55 minutes
8.0Sanza   04.45 minutes
9.0Ombra Mai Fu   04.16 minutes
10.0Merciful Raindrops   04.23 minutes
11.0Offelini   03.46 minutes
12.0A Quiet Moment   05.01 minutes

Total Time: 45.39


Thomas Otten's unique and penetrating voice didn't happen by accident. While it's true he was born with a great talent, he nevertheless spent ten years tempering and training it, primarily in the demanding halls of baroque music. Finding a contemporary venue for his amazing vocals, however, was easier said than done. That is, until he met his collaborator composer Frederic Momont, whose musical vision, like Otten's, soars spiritually yet is rooted in everyday experience. Sacred and universal like Gregorian chant, but unreservedly of our time.
The astounding depth and beauty of this rapturously melodic album is nothing short of poetic. With great effect, Thomas Otten sings in a male contralto that is so genuine, unaffected and perfect it goes straight to the heart.

A Thomas Otten compilation CD is now available: Open Wings. Please see below.

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