Thousand Names of the Divine Mother - Aruna

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Track Listing

1.0Thousand Names of the Divine Mother 1   05.25 minutes
2.0Gopala   07.12 minutes
3.0Kalavati   12.03 minutes
4.0Kantaman   09.39 minutes
5.0Thousand Names of the Divine Mother 2   07.28 minutes
6.0Blessings   02.10 minutes
7.0Kaljani   16.04 minutes
8.0Sunosuno   10.49 minutes
9.0Nightingale   03.11 minutes

Total Time 74.14 Mins


This album contains new acoustic music in a fusion of traditional and classical Indian music in connection with new European overtone music in voices and instruments, based on the healing (harmonizing) power of musical structures and overtones, recorded in the sacred place of a German monastery.

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