Tim Wheater, Michael Hoppe & Martin Tillman - Afterglow

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Track Listing

1. The Waiting  04.15 minutes
2. Shadows Fall  05.08 minutes
3. Long Ago  04.09 minutes
4. Land of Serenity  04.23 minutes
5. The Longing  03.43 minutes
6. Lady of Silence  02.30 minutes
7. A Thousand Whispers  03.44 minutes
8. The Reckoning  03.31 minutes
9. Distant Call  03.17 minutes
10. The Listening Wind  03.47 minutes
11. Thoughts of You  02.59 minutes
12. Salvation  02.48 minutes
13. The Waiting (Reprise)  02.15 minutes  

Afterglow brings together two of the finest improvising soloists in instrumental music for a wonderfully rich and inspiring chamber music album. Under the sensitive direction of keyboardist-composer MICHAEL HOPPE. cellist MARTIN TILLMANN and flautist TIM WHEATER create a haven of warmth and beauty.

The premise of Afterglow was one of complete musical freedom where deeply felt performances dominated everything else. The music was neither read nor written, resulting in an unusual sense of liberty for their performers to express their unrestricted flights of imagination and emotion.

The chord changes and harmonies indicated by the keyboards were immediately embraced by the cello and flute with instinctive grace and sense of improvisation rarely found outside jazz. The magic of Afterglow is that we made music of beauty and artistry with such profound enjoyment and abandon.

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