Tim Wheater - Incantation

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Track Listing

1. En Trance  05.57 minutes
2. Seventh Ray  04.52 minutes
3. Uluru  05.24 minutes
4. Dark Falls the Night  03.49 minutes
5. Benedictus  05.56 minutes
6. Pacificus  04.21 minutes
7. Love Is Here  04.42 minutes
8. Whistler's Lament  03.38 minutes
9. Circle's Edge  06.22 minutes

Incantation....as though one has tiptoed into an archetypal celebration. Ritualistically tribal, symphonically grand, exquisitely tender. Incantation casts a spell both pagan and divine.

When we hear the music of Tim Wheater, something stirs deep inside us. Something powerful evoking emotions, stirring memories, and healing. This dynamic impact is the result of a lifelong journey, a marriage combining exceptional experience as a musician with a shaman's knowledge of the healing effect of music. 

Incantation, represents a mystical quest into the soul. It is also his debut album with Real Music, the Sausalito-based recording company dedicated to music which awakens the spirit and comforts the heart. ""Incantation is an exploration of my inner journey to a place of open-heartedness,"" says Tim, "celebrating a multi-faceted faith in the world and all its mysterious beauty."

Incantation is a dynamic expression of Tim's deep knowledge and experience as a musician, combining his musical craftsmanship with his exceptional abilities as a sound healer. Of the music, James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy, says: "Incantation evokes the deepest sense of the mystical."

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