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Tina Malia & Shimshai - Jaya Bhagavan

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Track Listing

1 Gayatri 07:36
2 Hara Hara Mahadev 07:13
3 Sarva Mangala 05:51
4 Hey Amba 05:05
5 Om Mata 07:43
6 Jaya Bhagavan 10:37
7 Shine 05:25

New music from the lovely Tina Malia is indeed a welcome sight. This CD, Jaya Bhagavan, is of a devotional nature, and showcases her smooth as honey voice to best advantage. With musical partner Shimshai on an equal billing status, this is still Tina's CD, as far as the listener's experience. It is a collection of devotional sanskrit chants, orchestrated with acoustic instruments from around the world. For centuries people have been chanting the names of the divine in order to uplift the spirit and bring peace to the mind. Now we have begun to feel their presence here in the West, and receive the blessings of their beauty.

Tina and Shimshai bring their angelic vocals and acoustic instruments to these ancient melodies and mantras. In the midst of their frequent travels they have loved and learned many devotional songs from different cultures, and this new CD is a taste of some of the most beautiful sanskrit bhajans. The CD includes their talented posse of friends, such as Sasha Butterfly, Al Torre, Vir McCoy and MJ Greenmountain from Hamsa Lila, Lakshmi Ma, and special honored guests Jai Uttal on vocals and dotar, Omar Faruk Tekbilek on vocals, ney and baglama saz, and Yair Dalal on violin and oud. Simple and deeply moving, there are tastes of India, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas The presence that lies within these ancient mantras move and heal in remarkable ways, and the CD captures that very essence. Making this project has truly been a labor of love for Tina, Shimshai and all involved. Best of all, it comes in 100% recycled packaging with no plastic (except the CD of course)!

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