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Tina Malia - Shores of Avalon

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Track Listing

1 Shores of Avalon 05:48
2 Thundercloud 05:55
3 Full Moonlight Dance 03:41
4 Isis 04:07
5 Lilac Blooms 05:43
6 Forever 05:36
7 Circle of Stones 06:02
8 Lullaby 04:24
9 Walking Home 04:24

'Shores of Avalon'is the debut recording of vocalist/ songwriter, Tina Malia. It features Tina's captivating vocals accompanied by guitar, piano, violin, 12 string, mandicello, hammer dulcimer, and other exotic instrumentation such as Sarangi, Nickleharpa, Oud, Tabla, and Middle Eastern percussion. Her voice shows a maturity and expressiveness beyond her years, and literally casts a spell over the listener, with feelings of yearning, enchantment and personal experience that she is able to convey in her lyrics and intricately woven music. Original songs written by Tina express the timelessness of inspiration, hope, celebration, and the beautiful longing for the divine. Tina's writing style is contemplative, devotional, and joyous in nature. Combined with its rich instrumentation from around the world, 'Shores of Avalon' has an innovative sound that has the ability to deeply touch its listeners. The cast of supporting players includes Gary Haggerty (of Stellamara), Ty Burhoe (Curandero), Robert Powell, Hans Christian, John Alevizakis, who was co-producer along with Burhoe, and others from the fertile Bay Area music scene. This CD comes with the highest endorsement.

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