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Tom Kenyon - Aethos

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Track Listing

1. Aethos Sound Meditation (5 Min)
2. Aethos Sound Meditation (30 Min)
3. Aethos Heart Chakra Sound Meditation
4. Aethos Throat Chakra Sound Meditation
5. Aethos Third-Eye Chakra Sound Meditation
6. Aethos Crown Chakra Sound Meditation

These sounds come from a space of non-duality, where there is no conflict, only absolute centeredness. Gently purifying and elevating, these sounds are enigmatic, mysterious, strangely visceral and transporting.

From a Tenth Dimensional Hathor, through Tom Kenyon’s amazing voice, these sounds come from a plane rarely experienced by humanity. They are a refuge of serenity and a springboard for creating.

Contains a 5 minute version, a 30 minute version and exquisitely beautiful activations for the heart, throat, third eye and the crown.

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