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Tom Kenyon - Angel Codes - Messages from the Archangels - 2 CDs

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Track Listing

CD 1 Track 1 Calling Of The Angels  11.36

CD 1 Track 2 Archangel Michael  18.07

CD 1 Track 3 Archangel Gabriel  24.59

CD 1 Track 4 Archangel Raphael  22.26

CD 2 Track 1 Archangel Zadkiel  14.28

CD 2 Track 2 Archangel Ariel  11.01

CD 2 Track 3 Archangel Chummuel  9.11

CD 2 Track 4 Archangel Metatron  13.05

These angels have very complex natures and diverse spiritual powers. Thus it is virtually impossible to completely describe the full range of their activity.

These sound codes are designed to be listened to with your full focus of attention. Unlike other forms of music, which you can listen to with partial awareness, these sounds are evolutionary catalysts. They are a means for you to commune with the angelic realms, and as such, they are best listened to when you have put the affairs of your daily life aside for a brief period of time.

Pick the Angel Code(s) you wish to work with from the descriptions. If you have the time and the desire, it is certainly possible to listen to all the sound meditations back to back. However, do be aware that listening to all the sound codes in one sitting might produce a type of spiritual purification that could be challenging for some persons.

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