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Tom Kenyon - Mary Magdalen Energy Meditations

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Track Listing

1.0Sending Sekhem to the Top of the head   13.20 minutes
2.0Bringing Our Attention into the Djed   13.02 minutes
3.0Moving Sekhem into the Centre of the Brain   14.05 minutes
4.0The Raising of the Single Serpent   13.08 minutes
5.0The Two Serpents   14.15 minutes


As a priestess of Isis in the mystical tradition of ancient Egypt, Mary Magdalen learned the potent secrets of internal alchemy to elevate her own spiritual power. Now, sound healer and teacher Tom Kenyon brings you five practices learned through his unique connection to this 'Cosmic Mother' and revealed to him in The Magdalen Manuscript. With Mary Magdalen Energy Meditations, Tom Kenyon teaches you the techniques he has restored from Egyptian alchemy for transforming your life energy into a powerful force of creation.
Central to all of these alchemical practices is the movement of sekhem, the 'serpent energy' of consciousness. Through step-by-step guidance, Tom Kenyon teaches you to channel this energy up the spine into precise areas of your higher brain centres. As you progress through each technique, you will strengthen the power of your 'Ka body,' your energetic self that is the key to accessing the higher realms of insight, creativity, and awakening.
Thousands of students who have experienced Tom Kenyon’s workshops attest to the power of these practices for personal spiritual growth. Now with Mary Magdalen Energy Meditations, these transformative techniques of Egyptian alchemy are available to you for reaching what Tom Kenyon calls 'heightened states of genius and spiritual illumination.'

Previously released as "The Alchemies of Horus".

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