Various Artists - Liquid Sound Volume 2

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Track Listing CD 1

1.0project - come and taste the band (the bad sulza mixture)   14.26 minutes
2.0tom van draft - blue halo   07.32 minutes
3.0arcanum & otarion feat. bas broekhuis - homo novus   18.39 minutes
4.0fanger & schönwälder - abgetaucht   17.58 minutes
5.0electric orange - salzbad   15.38 minutes

Total Time: 74:15

Track Listing CD 2

1.0wolfram spyra & chris lang - nenikekamen   15.52 minutes
2.0fanger & kersten - waterproof guitar   07.27 minutes
3.0rainbow serpent - deep dive   15.03 minutes
4.0air sculpture - not raving, floating   15.50 minutes
5.0keller & schönwälder - liquid dawn   22.53 minutes

Total Time: 78:08


In April 2002, the Berlin-based electronic label Manikin Records celebrated its 10th anniversary with an underwater music marathon concert.

18 musicians played non stop, day & night for 36 hours at the Toskana Therme Bad Sulza for a relaxed bathing audience listening both above and below the water's surface.

These time-expanding sounds dream sounds perfectly fit this Liquid Sound environment..

This 2CD set includes recordings from the event.

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