Vedic Sound - Song of Light

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Track Listing

1. Om Prakasa Om  06.37 minutes
2. Thread of Siva  05.56 minutes
3. Understanding  10.10 minutes
4. Self luminosity  08.34 minutes
5. Kali Arising  04.34 minutes


"Vedic aka Prakasa was resident DJ with Talvin Singh and State of Bengal at the Blue Note night Anokha.

He has been incorporating the Sacred Arts into his music and has been using elements from the Angelic and Sanskrit traditions, East and West, in spiritual free style, both recording and performing.

Vedic's cd is a timeless piece that reflects the true nature of the universes in word and mantra, with its mix of truth and celestial vibrations that was recorded with this millenniums first Scalar Energy device, which coats particles with electro magnetic waves to form a unique energy signature."

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