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Wendy Rule - Guided by Venus

Product Code: CD1606
Price: £16.33
Track Listing

1. Guided by Venus 5:51   
2. Lilith 3:37  
3. Pale Moon 4:43   
4. The Echoing Sky 2:50   
5. Your Soul is a Lantern in the Dark 4:33 
6. Radiate 4:58  
7. Moonset and Sunrise 1:38   
8. My Sister the Moon 4:58   
9. The Serpent of Silver 4:25   
10. John Riley 4:32   
11. Out of the Dry Summer 3:41  
12. As Above, So Below 5:37   
13. Reprise (Guided by Venus) 4:24 
The latest release from Australia's renowned Visionary Chanteuse is a gorgeous union of beautifully orchestrated melodies, tender and insightful lyrics, and of course, Wendy's incredible voice. Guided by Venus takes us on a deeply personal journey through the world of Love. From the epic title track, which sets us reeling on a stormy sea, to the joyful ' Radiate' (written for Wendy's son) the album celebrates the full spectrum of emotion that only the Goddess of Love can invoke. At times dreamy and lush, at others pure and stripped back, this beautiful collection of songs is proof that Wendy Rule continues to evolve and deliver her truly unique talent.

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