Wendy Rule - The Wolf Sky

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Track Listing

1. The Circle Song 5:07  
2. The Wolf Sky 3:45  
3. Oblivion 4:25  
4. She Danced Alone Upon the Waves 3:29  
5. Half Life 3:48   
6. The Fall 5:34   
7. Creator Destroyer 4:33 
8. Dark Wings 3:22   
9. Fire Horse 3:50  
10. Evolution 3:04
11. The Window 3:50  
12. The Earth Is Still Part of the Sky 4:10   
13. Elemental Chant 5:45 
Earthy, wild and shamanic, The Wolf Sky is a celebration of the epic powers of Nature. Drawing deeply on Wendy's erxtraordinary live shows that blur the line between ritual and performance, the album becomes a ritual in itself. Opening with Wendy's renowned Circle Song - an invocation to the 4 Elements, and ending with her Elemental Chant, The Wolf Sky takes the listener on a powerful journey through the healing realms of the Underworld.

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