Wendy Rule - World Between Worlds

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Track Listing

1. Dissolve 5.15
2. The Call 5.13
3. Animus 4.24
4. Singing to the Bones 6.06
5. Three Colours 5.37
6. Hail to the Moon 3.10
7. World Between Worlds 6.33
8. Under the Willow 5.21
9. Slow Down 6.49
10. Evolve 1.51
11. Entropy 6.00
12. Inanna 6.40
13. Creatures of a Day 4.16


On World Between Worlds, Wendy Rule’s beautifully dark soundscapes guide us into an Otherworldy realm of Celtic myth and mystery. Exploring the deep, healing qualities of the underworld with songs such as Singing to the Bones and Slow Down, the album is a meditative journey into the full spectrum of human emotion. Highlighting the intricate layers of Wendy’s voice, and the gorgeous cello of Rachel Samuel, World Between Worlds is an important album, offering an insight into the complex wisdom of Pagan philosophy.

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