Womyn on Earth - Carien Wijnen & Rainbow Womyn Choir

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Track Listing

1. We are the daughters of the earth  06.32 minutes
2. Song for the earth  03.58 minutes
3. Power, we are calling  04.04 minutes
4. Yemaya  05.54 minutes
5. Firechild  07.04 minutes
6. Mother I feel you under my feet  04.01 minutes
7. Thy light is in all forms  08.50 minutes
8. Shalom  04.01 minutes
9. Oh Kraft der Wesiheit  05.21 minutes
10. Kali Ma  05.13 minutes
11. Om Tare  06.57 minutes
12. I Love what comes  07.11 minutes
13. Woke up this morning  03.22 minutes
14. Schlaft ein Leid in allen Dingen  04.03 minutes
15. Oh go in Beauty  03.11 minutes

Total Time: 79:49

The latest release from the German womens group led by Carien Wijnen from Holland, singing traditional songs from around the world a capella.Their focus being on from and for the Goddess!

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