Xumantra - Sacred Singing Metals

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Track Listing

1. Xumantra  8.07

2. Welcome to Arcturus  8.28

3. Prayer for the Trees  4.09

4. The Virgin Dances  8.33

5. The Righteous Deities  6.08

6. The Wrathful Dieties  3.28

7. Amniotic Voyage  4.54

Sacred sound practitioner Marco Dolce draws upon an extensive musical vocabulary, as well as an impressive collection of indigenous instruments, to create a truly global tapestry of sounds, styles, and rhythms. Compositions centered around authentic Himalayan bowls entrance and transport the listener. This is music that is exotic yet at once familiar, combining the emotion of Earth-centred rhythms with the celestial sounds of the Void.

Instrumentation: singing bowls, symphonic gong, wind gong, temple bells, conga drums, ngoma drum, Sioux drum, xylophone, guitar, shakers, cymbals, chimes, voice.

These compositions explore the sonic and spiritual potentials of authentic Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and other sacred sound instruments. Subtle, tuned percussion is added for a result that is rich in harmonics and deeply resonant, yet gently rhythmic and harmonious, making these sounds suitable for meditation, yoga, massage, or other bodywork, and for any setting in which a sacred, healing or positive ritual ambience is desired.

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