Yoga - Beginners Guide - Shiva Rea

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Track Listing

1. Introduction  00.24 minutes
2. An introduction to Hatha Yoga  07.55 minutes
3. Body Scan  08.18 minutes
4. Basic Movements of Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutation A  11.15 minutes
5. Basic Movements of Surya Namaskar - Sun Salutation B  09.24 minutes
6. Surya Namaskar A&B  12.56 minutes
7. Lunar Vinyasa Yoga - Sequence I  08.10 minutes
8. Lunar Vinyasa Yoga - Sequence II [back & forward bend]  16.49 minutes
9. Shavasana - Deep Relaxation  03.17 minutes

The perfect introduction to hatha yoga. Complete with a 60-minute guided session with yoga basics and simple posesùplus a detailed study guide with instructional photographsùhere is an easily accessible how-to program from one of the worldÆs most respected yoga teachers.

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