Practical Nada Yoga - Theory and Practice, with Unique Triad and Chakra Tones for a Magical Effect.

Discover your own sound body. 

Supercharge your chakras with sound. 

Sound health by combining yoga postures & vibrational patterns. 

Harmonize your organs & balance your emotions with sound yoga. 

Sound therapy with triads (triple sounds).

This specialized form of sound yoga offers many possibilities, such as the harmonization of your chakras (energy centres) by singing along with the tones of overtone wizard Dr. Loucas Van den Berg, or just humming together with the healing sounds of singing bowls expert Rainer Tillmann.

Every part of your body has its own special sound vibration. With the CD you can vibrate your whole body, but also separate parts or organs, with the appropriate sound. You will learn special sound applications for healing. You can also use the sounds while practicing yoga postures to enhance the effects.

Literally feel the sound vibrations flow through your body and mind !

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