Yogitar - Stevin McNamara

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Track Listing

1.0Song of the Sun   08.57 minutes
2.0Anam   09.11 minutes
3.0Close to Home   06.53 minutes
4.0Doorway to Eternity   12.33 minutes
5.0Lalita   05.20 minutes
6.0Bonita   02.13 minutes
7.0Journey to the Crystal Mountain   12.10 minutes
8.0Into the Moment   02.34 minutes
9.0Song of the Sun (reprise)   05.12 minutes

Total Time: 65:03

Ideal for Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Relaxation, Healing and more, Yogitar is a lush tapestry of contemplative music whose brilliance in outshined only by its majestically simple elegance.
Masterful musicianship and visionary sound exploration accentuate this vibrant and complex journey into the sacred realms of guitar virtuosityà a mystical merging of guitar into Sitar.

Combining the complex nature of Indian song structure with his insightful and unique musical stylings, Stevin McNamara has created a meditative guitar masterpiece for the ages.

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