Chris James - On A Heart Wave

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1. People Get Ready  04.40 minutes
2. May The Circle Be Unbroken  03.05 minutes
3. You Send Me  03.30 minutes
4. There Will Be Peace  03.49 minutes
5. Only Love  04.25 minutes
6. We Are Angels  03.55 minutes
7. Flamenco Dawn  05.43 minutes
8. Donna Noble Pacem  02.25 minutes
9. Beloved One  02.36 minutes
10. Hashi Renu  02.38 minutes
11. Nullabor Night  04.32 minutes
12. Canon  04.45 minutes 


Chris has a beautiful voice with great range and tonal depth, cultivated over many years using practices such as devotional singing and chanting, toning, and sound healing.

Chris is a man who travels the world singing and teaching voice. His speciality is teaching people who believe they can't sing that they can, and in conducting large numbers of such people in spontaneous choirs at his workshops and other gatherings.

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