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Chanting Group day change

This is to let everyone know that we have changed the day of the monthly Chanting group in Buckfastleigh, to the 1st Friday of the month, instead of Thursday, as there was a clash with a regular local event. So the forthcoming dates for the Chanting group will now be : Fridays May 2nd, June 6th, July 4th. Do join us if you are in the area and want read more
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New Chanting Group in Buckfastleigh

Last night we held the first of our new monthly Chanting group meetings in Buckfastleigh, on the edge of Dartmoor. Eight people attended, which was a nice number for a new group, and the chanting was spirited and enthusiastic, with both seasoned chanters and novices present. I think I can say that a good time was had by all! The Chanting group willread more
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MUZ MURRAY - UK SUMMERTOUR By the way, if you organise events, I am presently preparing my UKWorkshop tour for next summer, so if any Yoga Schoolor teacher wishes to host a Mantra and Advaita Vedanta weekend, now is the timeto get in touch. I am already booked with my regulars in Ireland, Aberdeen,Lancashire, Northampton and Cheshire, but read more
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Sanskrit Chanting

I recently went to a chanting evening in a Yoga centre. The man leading the chanting got everyone to chant the mantra Om Namaha Shivaya. Unfortunately he had no understanding of Sanskrit and the mantra had no power. He shortened Namaha to Nama which lost the aspirated ha sound which takes the energy into the heart. He sang Shiva as Sheevaread more
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Weaving Songs in Scotland

Hello wonderful family! I just wanted to share some sounds that have been weaving with the family up in Scotland, deep heart and clear prayers to the spirit of the Water, hope you will enjoy it! http://soundcloud.com/anthar-kharana/anthar-khread more
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Narayani is interviewed by Energy on Radio Verulum on 18th May

If you are in the St Albans area tune in to FM 92.6 at 8pm and you can hear Narayani being interviewed by Energy on Radio Verulum.read more
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Jill Purce- Singing back the Sun

As a child the thing I loved most about Christmas was singing Carols . One of the reasons I pioneered the voice healing movement in the West nearly forty years ago was because I felt our society had gone silent, and that it was essential, if we were to be healthy, to get people using their voices again by singing and chanting. The one form of singread more
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Healing Voice Intensive - The Sonorous Mandala of Birthing and Dying

After 40 years of both pioneering and developing the whole field of sound healing and 35 years of intense study of Tibetan Buddhism, I have developed a series of extended ceremonies (each week has a different theme), combining continuous chant with an exploration of the geography of consciousness, journeying through the mandala which embodies the uread more
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The Mantra of Youth

I recently came across this quote by the great Siddha Yogi Baba Muktananda. Question - \\\How do you manage to stay so beautiful and young looking?\\\ Muktananda - \\\The secret to life is to live a life of discipline and dwell constantly in the Self. I do not repeat the mantra of old age. I repeat only the mantra of youth and so, I remairead more
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An Online Course read more

Give It All Away For Love: Creating a Chanting CD

The journey of creating a Kirtan CD read more

Why is Pronunciation so Important in Sanskrit?

Sanskrit Mantra read more

Contemplating Devotion

During my recent trip to India I found myself contemplating Kirtan and the path of devotion, this article shares my thoughts read more


A personal understandig of mantras based on author's own experience read more

Kirtan - Devotional Chanting

I am so grateful for this simple practice of kirtan (devotional chanting). While other practices have come and gone in my life like clouds drifting across the sky, chanting is so effortless, joyful, peaceful and nourishing, that it never feels like work, a discipline or any of those terms that make a spiritual practice seem unappealing! read more

Benefits of Chanting

Research into the benefits of chanting read more

Narayanis New Album - Maatri Sharanam Released

I have just released my new album and Sounds Forum readers receive a 15% discount. read more

What is Kirtan?

The yogic tradition of Kirtan chanting is increasingly popular in the UK, but for many it is still an unknown practice, this article explains a bit about what it is. read more

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