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Sound Travels – About Us

From its roots in Gloucestershire, England, Sound Travels has expanded far beyond the boundaries of the UK and is now recognised as one of the world's most highly-regarded websites aimed at Sound & Its Transformational Powers.

Founded in 2001 by Jonathan Barnett, Sound Travels consists of an e-commerce Music & Sound Business and the Sound Travels Community (referred to as Sound Forum) founded and edited by Andrew Hodges.

The e-commerce business supplies every kind of sound requirement for those remarkable individuals & organisations that use sound for transformation. These include Sound Healers & Therapists, Gong specialists, Cymatics Researchers, Psychologists & Neuro-Scientists, Yoga Teachers & Practitioners and Free Improvisers and Musicians, Music Therapists and Community Musicians. Sound Forum, the world’s most highly-recognised Sound Community, provides a powerful and effective opportunity everyone to link together within these various groups to share their knowledge, their spirit and their values.

Jonathan Barnett is in the very fortunate position of being able to run a business that reflects his interests and passions, and which has led him on a journey of exploration to exotic locations and new ways of understanding the world. After leaving the family farming business in the 1980s he embarked on a voyage of self discovery, the catalysts for which included drama therapy with Rachel Perry, Bodytalk with James Hunt, voicework with Chloe Goodchild, Deva Premal and Jonathan Goldman, and holiday retreats at Huzur Vadisi in southern Turkey.

In May 2001, 'Sound Travels' exhibited for the first time at Cheltenham's Ideal Home Exhibition, offering music CDs and lighting effects. Since then, Jonathan has exhibited at many Mind-Body-Spirit exhibitions all over the UK, including at the Mind-Body-Spirit Show in London, Quest at Newton Abbott, The Natural Living Show in Cheltenham, and at Hawkwood College.

Over the past few years Jonathan has broadened the scope of his business, reflecting his changing interests and his travels abroad, particularly to Turkey, India, the USA and Germany. He now sells a vastly increased range of musical instruments from all over the world plus books, CDs and DVDs and incense.

In the last few years the business has continued to expand despite the difficult trading conditions. This growth has meant that at the beginning of 2012 we moved into significantly larger premises and Sound Travels continues to go from strength to strength.

Andrew Hodges joined Jonathan in 2006 as business coach to help support the ongoing growth and development of Sound Travels.

Andrew’s background is a combination of music and business having initially studied the violin at the world-renowned Royal Academy of Music. He followed his time at the RAM with a 10 year music teaching career based in London. He left teaching in 1985 for what turned out to be a very successful business career with a large international corporate. In 1995 he set up his own business consultancy to provide leadership and management development support to businesses large and small.

Throughout his life, Andrew has never lost touch with his love of music and always maintained relationship with his violin. With the arrival of the new millennium he has gradually been able to devote much more of his time to the ongoing development of his musical skills. Whilst retaining a love of the classical violin he has in the last few years focused attention on the development of group free improvisation with the support of such great authorities as Dr. Rod Paton of Chichester University. For the last few years he has also been leader of the Stratton String Quartet and has developed a substantial violin tuition practice in the Cirencester (UK) area.

Through the creation and development of the Sound Forum, Andrew has been able to provide the much-needed platform for the world-wide community of Sound practitioners and participants to come together in one place to share developments in this field. In combining the concept of a sound community with a music business it has enabled an organisation to grow which is mutually self-supportive and has now become much greater than the sum of its parts.

Through the combination of their different skills, resources and abilities, together Jonathan and Andrew have made Sound Travels into the vibrant and life-affirming business that it is today.

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