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This article was published in Gloucestershire Connections in December 2004.

If 'doing what you love' is a recipe for happiness, then Jonathan Barnett must be a very happy man indeed. He is in the fortunate position of being able to run a business that reflects his interests and passions, and which has led him on a journey of exploration to exotic locations and new ways of understanding the world.

Jonathan BarnettPictured above is yours truly, Jonathan Barnett (on the right), with Miten and Deva Premal "Celebrating The Mystery" in Corfu during August 2004.

Jonathan grew up near Cheltenham, and in the 1980s was running the family farm. In the following decade he embarked on a voyage of self discovery, the catalysts for which included dramatherapy with Rachel Perry, Bodytalk with James Hunt, voicework with Chloe Goodchild, Deva Premal and Jonathan Goldman, and holiday retreats at Huzur Vadisi in southern Turkey.

In 1999 Jonathan started Space2Dance, a free-dance group that combined his passion for music and for creating dramatic environments for dances and parties. In the autumn of 2000, he designed the venue for a friend's wedding, transforming the interior of a typical church hall into a magical Bedouin tent, complete with atmospheric lighting effects.

The enthusiastic reaction to the wedding venue encouraged Jonathan to wind down his farming business, which no longer resonated with who he was becoming, and to embark on a new venture that reflected his love of music and dance. In May 2001, 'Sound Travels' exhibited for the first time at Cheltenham's Ideal Home Exhibition, offering music cds and lighting effects. Since then, Jonathan has exhibited at many Mind-Body-Spirit exhibitions all over the UK, including at the Mind-Body-Spirit Show in London, Quest at Newton Abbott, The Natural Living Show in Cheltenham, and at Hawkwood College.

The Sound Travels stall at Bill Harrison's Healing Weekend

The Sound Travels stall at Bill Harrison's Healing Weekend, Summer 2004

Over the past few years Jonathan has broadened the scope of his business, reflecting his changing interests and his travels abroad, particularly to Turkey and India. He now sells a vastly increased range of music from all over the world; books and DVDs; incense; musical instruments such as drums from Africa and singing bowls from Nepal; t-shirts from India; belly dance costumes from Turkey; devotional objects from the East and sensual products such as massage oil, soaps and bath oils.

In his spare time Jonathan now enjoys interests that are reflected in his business, such as the inspirational Five Rhythms dancing in Stroud, and Tantra with various teachers. At the beginning of the year, after consultation with a numerologist, Jonathan decided to revert to his first name (Jonathan), after having been known by his middle name Peter for most of his life. He has also just started a two year sound therapy training course in order to further his knowledge of the benefits of sound, and after which he hopes to be a qualified sound therapist.

For the future, Jonathan plans to offer an exciting range of new items including sound therapy tools, high-quality dowsing rods, Tantra products and soft furnishings from India and Turkey.

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