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Peruquois has been known internationally as 'the singing woman' due to her unique voice, and in her live performances the ability to dissolve the boundaries of separation between the audience and the singer.

Australian born from a musical family, Peruquois originally trained in Jazz at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts.

After being deeply involved with the jazz scene in Sydney in the early 90 'she left jazz to explore cultural music traditions that carried the knowledge of healing with the voice .She went through an 11 year apprenticeship to Native American Elder John Twobirds in New Mexico.In more recent years she has trained with Hindustani classical vocalist Sunanda Sharma and Ritesh Mishra in Delhi India.

Now residing in Melbourne Australia she gives workshops locally and internationally in 'Opening the Sacred Voice' for women and concerts with musicians from the contemporary World Music scene.

Peru (Peruquois)

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