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New composers website launched

James DAngelo has just launched a new website focussing on his work as a composer and pianist www.jamesdangelomusic.com This website is in addition to his one for sound therapy www.soundspirit.co.uk read more
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Review of James DAngelos new CD The Holy City

For those who have worked with James D’Angelo in his popular Soundspirit courses, or read his two seminal books, this will bring a new dimension of understanding to his work. Recorded at Washington National Cathedral as part of the New American Choral Music Series, The Holy City comprises the entire catalogue of the sacred music of read more
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Dance at the edge of time

Dance at the edge of time is my latest single track. The evocative sound of the koto-tampura blends with an acoustic guitar theme and electronic synths. 432 Hz tuning... Enjoy! http://luen.bandcamp.com/track/dance-at-the-edge-of-time-432-hz read more
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Gong Life

Gong Life Your very own personal portal to The Way of the Gong with teachings of Don Coread more
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Reaction to Initial Rehearsals of My Latest Composition

If I hadnt been heavily steeped in the improvising experience I think I might have had a very uncomfortable evening when my latest piece was placed in front of one orchestra I know and love. (Ill leave their name blank because what I have to say could apply to any band whatever their level of ability.) I am sure other composers go through the read more
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Winner of This Years Independent Music Awards

I want to say a big 'Thank you!' to all those who supported me. This award reminds me not to forget about my instrumental composing - as I become more and more absorbed in training in voice work. read more

Jenni nominated for Independent Music Award.

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Sounds Emitted By Ear Help Self-Healing-A New Energy System

Article discusses spontaneous otoacoustic emissions as biometric identifiers for wellness imbalances and as the missing link for a new subtle energy system between the voice, the ear and the brain read more

The Perfect Cadence

Joe Samuel explains how the perfect cadence is constructed and used in music read more

Whole Brain Performance & Composition

I think it is important to study the relationship between left and right brain integration in the creative process. My interest musically is to compose and also to perform ‘whole brain’ music. I see this as a filter through which I can also examine the music of others generally. Left-brain activity adheres to logical procedures, right-brain activity adheres to intuitive leaps and imaginative use of ideas. I look at this as the relationship between “Invention” (left) and “Intention” (right). read more

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