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Manaar Azreik
I express my gifts through a powerful transmission of synchronized magic with drumming, voice, and soul dancing as well as I work as a Waldorf teacher. Through my drumming, tuning, and chanting you enter a live field, which provides energetic clearing for YOU and the collective. You will deepen your experience with guided meditation, drumming, singing, movement, dance, community, and connection.
This is an invitation to birth yourself in the present moment, in the middle of what you are doing right now!!! I hold an energetic presence that reminds people how to choose a joyous alternative even in the moment of hardship. My latest invention is named Wholistic Solutions, an organization that offers Healing and Transformation services. Energetically Manaar helps you dust off the old, so you can have a clearer vision.
She invites the seeker to explore energy awareness, inner vibrational movements, and sound to naturally birth what wants to be set free within yourself; helping you see in a new way, in a different way than you didn’t know existed for you.

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The Practice of Trust

The Buddha once famously and very wisely said: “People are not addicted to drugs or alcohol; they are addicted to escaping reality.” This cannot be more true of the world that we live in. Whether we accept it or even realize it, or not, all of us are, in one way or another, addicted to something or someone. We all like to believe that there is something, a particular essence in that thing, that gets us addicted to it. We could not be more wrong. read more


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