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Keith  Oddy
Keith is a founding member of the College of Sound Healing UK. He is also the founder and coordinator for the UK Registered Charity Sound4Healng.
Sadly, not a musician, nor a scientist, he specialises in bringing, useful everyday sound healing methods, which help people, in the here and now, increase well-being and energy levels. Attendance for the College of Sound Healing (and many practitioner insurance providers – counts for self-assessment CPD) Currently there are four main workshops, which run from time to time:
* Healing with Tuning Forks ? Sound Auras Chakras (energy pampering)
* Sound Cells Sound Brain (nutrition for the body, mind and spirit)
* and a new workshop in development: Theta Healing Retreat (be more centred and creative. Keith and Maureen Oddy work together to make these workshops, fun, practical and valuable.
Through Sound4Healing we hope to provide the Sound Healing Community with UK based professionally carried out research. Main areas see include beneficial Nitric Oxide Uptake, changing the status of cancer cells, wound healing and dementia care.
In summary the main focus is putting more quality of life into a person’s lifespan and promoting sound health.
Keith Oddy

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In theory, we all strive for Sound Health; this is of course, especially true as we advance in years. Sadly our free health service has, in the name of respecting scientific outcomes not allowed itself to change enough with the time. read more


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