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Richard Down
My passion is working with sound frequency, medicine song / icaro and overtone singing enhance the wellbeing of individuals and groups of people; to bring love – to bring peaceful ways of living. I have seen sound healing as a powerful instrument – creating peace within our communities - and in recent years I have been active in joining together synchronised events for World peace - organising collaborations of sound healers within the South West of England.

I am a shaman and a sound healer I have a professional background in psychotherapy and hypnosis and I often use hypnotic language and storytelling techniques within my healing songs and soundscapes. My healing song and icaro has been greatly helped and inspired by the Shipibo – Conibo tribe of indigenous medicine healers in upper Amazon Peru. And in particularly through my friend, maestro shaman, Antonio Vasquez Gallaretta - along with his shaman entourage - where strong roots for my song were created in vigils of repeated ceremony and constant immersion in icaro.

I really enjoy the co creations of work with my wife, Katerina Down – sound healer. We call ourselves, Gateway to the Heart - and together we produce Plymouth sound healing events, World peace initiatives and our event tour of live performances of what we have called, “The Song,” a shamanic story and sound journey – this is very popular in the South West (at time of writing - in its second year of running!) – this eight part series of storytelling within a sound journey, activating chakras – has now been released in a CD series with production from Craig Pruess and artwork by Malcolm Horton – Greenpeace artist.

The first CD,“The Song” Part 1 “Message from the Earth” activating base chakra, being available through our web site

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