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Anthar Kharana
A Life journey through Sacred Sound & Music
Anthar Kharana (Colombia) is the founder of Tribal Sound Healing in Bristol and co-founder of Soundsphere in Scotland. Anthar is fully ensured Sound Therapy Practitioner from the British Academy of Sound Therapy (DIP BAST ST) in West England and member of the ICNM.
Coming from a linage of musicians, his approach to music began when he was 8 years old giving him a wide understanding of music and sounds also connected to the emotions. Anthar has more than ten years of experience with the sacred and therapeutic use of sound & frequencies, shamanic studies with different elders of his land, and leads different workshops on voice & singing, traditional Colombian drumming and sacred ceremonies uniting people around the world.
Anthar is also the founder of Tambora Foundation , preserving ancestral arts & wisdom for children and indigenous people in Colombia, and cultural exchange for children and youth in the UK. He walks by the side of wise Elders from different tribes in Colombia and carries the message within his work. Anthar has also studied other forms of healing including, Reiki Master (III) at Baclinar, 2 years of Shiatsu at Ecoquitem, herbology and herbs destilation.
Music and sound had been forever linked with his work with the aim to awaken the hearts of people and to blend both paths, sound and medicine as one.
Anthar Kharana

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