Trixi Field

Trixi Field
Singer, voice workshop facilitator, pianist, author & composer, Trixi Field feels that in our noisy, busy, hi-tech society we have become separated from the simple, healing joys of singing and music-making together—an essential part of being human. She regularly runs voice and song/sound meditation workshops in the UK and abroad. Trixi has frequently observed the healing and mood-enhancing effects of singing and music-making, and, thus inspired, is a Sound Healing Practitioner and Tutor Member of the College of Sound Healing. As an author she has written “Your Song Your Joy”, a little book of the voice, aimed at encouraging those who lack vocal self-confidence to begin to explore what their voices can do, rather than worry about what they can’t. Trixi has also written songs for children around KS2, recorder repertoire books, rounds/chants for small groups and workshops, accessible choir music for schools, community choirs or workshops, as well as numerous jazz songs . Free samples of her book and music can be obtained from www.lulu.com. The full versions are available from www.lulu.com or www.amazon.co.uk. Trixi has an MA (music education) and an MEd, and has trained in Creative Music Making in the Classroom (Orff Institute, Mozarteum, Austria,) and jazz (Trinity College of Music, London). She is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network, the National Association of Music Educators and the Institute for Learning.

This Author's Events

UK, SHROPSHIRE - Exploring the limbs of yoga, Trixi Field & Bhanu, Rainbow Centre, Penley, Wrexham, LL13 0GB, 08 Apr 2018

Bhanu and Trixi warmly welcome you to join us on this one-day Yoga retreat: “Exploring the Limbs of Yoga”!
For many people “yoga” means a regular weekly class of asanas (postures), some breathing and possibly a few minutes’ meditation if there’s time. We cram it into our schedules in order to help us navigate our busy lives with greater ease, or to help us move with more freedom and learn to relax. And we know from experience that yoga does help in all those things. Yet, there’s so much more to yoga than that!
There are 8 “limbs” to yoga that are there to help us create a meaningful, healthy, loving and contented life. Yoga means “union” or “connection”. It’s both a state of connection but also a comprehensive set of techniques & philosophy, allowing us to create connections to the world around, but also to discover and connect with our own inner world, to pull the disparate parts of life – physical, mental, spiritual - into a healthy, flowing whole.
The day will start with

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Greece, AGISTRI, AEGINA COUNTY - The Healing Potion of Sound & Motion, Trixi Field & Bhanu, Rosy's Little Village, Skliri, Agistri Island, Aegina County, 18010, Greece, 10 Oct 2018

Join Trixi & Bhanu for a wonderful week of Yoga, Song, Meditation, Sound Healing & Qi Gong on a peaceful Saronic Isle.

This relaxing & refreshing retreat takes place on Agistri, a delightful tiny island nestling in the Saronic Sea, close to Aegina.
Only a fairly short hop by boat or hovercraft from the port of Piraeus, once there, it feels as though youre a million miles from the stresses of everyday life.
Accommodation, breakfast, and the courses take place at Rosys Little Village, with fantastic views
over the sea, towards Aegina.

What is the retreat all about?
Here’s a chance for you to get away from it all for 10 days, to wake up to the beautiful Agistri dawn and enjoy the wonderful flowing forms of Dru and Integral Yoga. After breakfast, discover the joy of song and how the very act of singing together can lift the soul, no matter whether you think you can sing or not. In the early evening, for the first 4 days of the course we will explore use of sound and the voice

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This Author's Testimonials

20 Dec 2011

It has been a great pleasure and experience being together with people who had a common sense of sinnging, and I have been happy to feel that great sense of community. The days I spent gave me a feeling of beeing accepted no matter how good I could sing, for example. The atmosphere was something special and our tutor gave me a very comforting, light feeling and improved my self confidence. Even months later, when I listened to our chanting it reminded me of that extraordinary sound we had created together!

19 Dec 2011

I have only been working with Trixi for a few months and am really enthusiastic about attending one of her workshops. When I asked for Trixi’s help I felt really embarrassed about singing. As a very young child I was told I could not sing and I have spent 67 years of my life feeling that I was an absolutely hopeless case, and missing out on opportunities to sing with others. In such a short time working with her I have been introduced to my ‘singing voice’ and given so much advice as to how to optimise what I have. I really enjoy our sessions they are such fun, and I come away really energized and full of hope as to my future. I have found not only my singing voice but an amazing confidence and optimism with life. I am thrilled that a friend introduced me to Trixi and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the advice she has given me. Ruth Griffin

19 Dec 2011

I took a music/voice course with Trixi in Greece, and recently participated in one of her weekend workshops. I've always found singing a joyful activity, but Trixi raises it to new heights. She makes it fun and interesting, and her empathy, sense of fun and experience can't fail to boost the confidence of the most diffident singer. Many people who want to sing don't go and do it - they are held back by apathy, fear, the memory of painful words at school ("stand with the others but just mouthe it" - how many people have told me this?!) and even shame. I want to round up all these fearful people who DO want to sing and send them to Trixi. She would enthuse them and infuse them - with the belief they can do it, will lose their inhibitions, and will love it! As for the more experienced singer - he/she can always learn more from Trixi who can work on many levels. I've always been very impressed by her abilities.

19 Dec 2011

A very helpful and encouraging singing teacher, full of joy!

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