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Story & Sound

Sound is one of the archetypal building blocks of the universe. Everything has its vibration, frequency, everything is in this sense a note. The simpler the element, the purer the note. So fine are some of these notes that when we look for the particle it appears not to be there, yet when we look away it is there again. One of the conundrumread more
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Secrets of the Flow

The Secrets of the Flow In a new born baby, energy flows easily and unimpeded. The baby’s mind and emotions do not get stuck – no endless looping of negativity thinking. Its energy and sweet babblings are like the free, natural flow of a river. Think of traffic going smoothly until theread more
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How to Grow Up

Life is too short for how little I am. Keep growing up. Learning with mandalas is fun. read more
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The Art of Improvisation

http://www.voxmundiproject.com/programs.html#art Facilitated by David Darling ( Music for People) and Silvia Nakkach (Vox Mundi School) This workshop provides a humorous and energetic environment for practicing exercises that will deread more
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Fantastic Music Retreat

http://www.voxmundiproject.com/programs.html#santa_Cruz Week-long: August 1-7__in Sacred Mountains Retreat Center (Pema Osel Ling), in Santa Cruz, California. Lead by Silvia Nakkach and the International faculty of the Vox Mundi School__Inspiring and devotional daily practices, workshops, performances, dance, drumming, yogas, sound healing, and crread more
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Intuitive Music

The scenario: an open and supportive space where we are able to relax any notions of musical ability or playing right or wrong notes. We find ourselves engaged in a process of not doing anything except giving our undivided attention to the timbres, resonances, overtones and rhythms which arise from the simple instruments around us as they are strucread more
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On Jenni Roditis Vocal Tai Chi Master Class

Alistair Smith, composer and sound healer reflects on the voice practice of Jenni Roditi's Vocal Tai Chi read more

Creating Our Reality

Going "with the flow" of life read more

The Secrets of the Flow

Keep the Creative Juices Going read more

Getting out of Your Own Way

Keeping the flow of creativity going read more

Why Creativity Loves Collaboration

The magic that happens when creativity finds good company read more

Do Work that you Love - not just for Survival!

When we work at something creative that we love doing, we benefit both ourselves and the world around us read more

The Challenge of Simplicity

Last year I visited Aeolus, the Accoustic Wind Pavilion by Luke Jerram (www.lukejerram.com/aeolus) I spent much of my time taking photographs and also observing the reactions of others. The adults I observed were wanting to know more about the construction, costs, and voicing opinions on its siting (at that time it was outside the house at Lyme Park). The children I observed immediately wanted to touch it, bounce balls, hide, make sounds and listen to what happened if one of them tapped ... read more

The Instrument of Listening

The great Tibetan master, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche said: “The more and more you listen, the more and more you hear; the more and more you hear, the deeper and deeper your understanding becomes.” These insightful words were intended to illuminate the path to freedom. They are especially useful to anyone interested in the creative process. read more

Music, Yoga and Experiencing Quality Improvement

As a professional violinist and teacher, and having spent a number of years practising yoga, I am becoming intrigued by my growing awareness of the connection between the practice of yoga and the quality of my violin practice and teaching. Those of you who don’t play the violin need not necessarily stop reading at this moment because these thoughts may generalise to other instruments and also the voice. read more

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