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Music Therapy

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Why Music is a Universal Language

Summary of Research Paper read more

Chiron and Sedna

There has been a dispute regarding two of the planet gongs Chiron and Sedna The Paiste tunings are: Sedna 128.10 C Chiron 151.20 D# The Meinl tunings are: Sedna 181.60 F# C read more

Musique of the Sky

&lsquoEach time we lift our eyes up to the sky and see thebeautiful celestial lights shining down on us- the Sun, the moon, and thestars- we know we belong to something larger than life itself&hell read more

The Tapestry of Music

Im setting up instruments whilst my client (G) vocalises enthusiastically and with great flexibility. He uses all the registers of his voice, as well as laughing a great deal. One by one I set out d read more

Spying on Subconscious Feelings!

Spying on Subconscious Feelings! Wespend our formative years in school, developing our rational minds, but ouremotions receive no formal attention. High divorce rates, job loss, employmentstres read more

Telepathic Resonance

There is a silent sound that exists as a presence that is felt. This silent feeling tone is perceived by the senses. It touches us through our feelings in the midst of every moment. Like the unive read more

Music Therapy on TV in Norway

To see Kirsten at work in Oslo click on this Norwegian TV link programme is in Norwegian but such is the infectiousness of Kirstens warmth of personality y read more

Learn to Play Harp - Rainbow of Sound Book 5: Orange

YouTube Video: Christina Tourin read more

The Wisdom of Deep Listening; A Personal Reflection

This article is written in relation to a workshop, which I will be facilitating with my colleagueSusan Nares as part of the Autumn programme at The Abbey Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire,in October of th read more


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