Music Therapy

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Sleep Music

Music designed to send you to sleep - BBC article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-43290567read more
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Live Webinars on Medicine Melodies

http://www.opencenter.org/live-webinar-medicine-melodies- the-music-that-the-healers-hear/ Medicine Melodies: The Music that the Healers Hear? Silvia Nakkach The shaman hears the hidden music of the universe and sings it back through “medicine melodies,” tonal configurations that reflect a sacred unity with nature read more
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Musical nutrition in school

It is amazing to see how music can lift and open the minds of immature 11 year old school kids. How they can let go of repeatedly arguing, questioning, interrupting and resisting both general communication and education, and just let themselves into the musical water. It is such a relief as a teacher to look into these eyes, voices and movements - read more
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Discover Your Sound – Your Music – Your Way NEW Foundation course April – October 2010 at Hawkwood College, near Stroud with Stefan Cartwright & special guests Stefan’s new year-long programme has grown from a 6-year association with Hawkwood College, whose relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and beautiful surroundings provide the perfect place tread more
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Chiron and Sedna

There has been a dispute regarding two of the planet gongs Chiron and Sedna The Paiste tunings are: Sedna 128.10 C Chiron 151.20 D# The Meinl tunings are: Sedna 181.60 F# Chiron 172.86 F read more

Musique of the Sky

Exerts from Musique of the Sky by Fabien Maman & Terres Unsoeld ‘Each time we lift our eyes up to the sky and see the beautiful celestial lights shining down on us- the Sun, the moon, and the stars- we know we belong to something larger than life itself… read more

The Tapestry of Music

I'm setting up instruments whilst my client ("G") vocalises enthusiastically and with great flexibility. He uses all the registers of his voice, as well as laughing a great deal. One by one I set out drums, a tambourine, a small squeeze-box, some boomwhackers and a 1/3-sized guitar. read more

Spying on Subconscious Feelings!

Using sound to discover subconscious feelings read more

Telepathic Resonance

There is a silent sound that exists as a presence that is felt. This silent feeling tone is perceived by the senses. It touches us through our feelings in the midst of every moment. read more

Music Therapy on TV in Norway

To see Kirsten at work in Oslo click on this Norwegian TV link: read more

Learn to Play Harp - Rainbow of Sound Book 5: Orange

YouTube Video: read more

The Wisdom of Deep Listening; A Personal Reflection

I have developed my own understanding of what it is to listen deeply and used this as a tool in my work as a Music Therapist and Body worker, as well as in my own spiritual practice, for over twenty years. For me its meaning is very simple. It is about what happens when we listen with directed attention to that which is within us as well as the dynamics of our interaction with others. read more

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