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Project Global Sound is Getting Exciting!

A project to unite the world in therapeutic sound and music read more

From Richard Whitehart: Sound therapists Wanted

I am now organising the workshops for my annual event &ldquoGong Camp&rdquo and I am wanting sound therapists to join us on Saturday 8th July to run an hours workshop in the morning and then repeat th read more

Musical, Magical Retreat For Sale

Le Cotil: Our Musical, Magical Retreat Is For Sale We are selling our wonderful retreat in NORMANDY, FRANCE. Some Sound Forum members may have even been over and stayed with us. But now is the tim read more

Help Wanted by Soesen Edan: Sound Therapy & Autism

Im on the hunt for sound therapists/healers that work with Autism.Im working with a small group of autistic young people and am being asked to work in this area more and more. I dont feel I re read more

Venues Needed - Peru and Praful

Lisa Matthews asks: I am busy organising a two week tour for Peru and Praful at the beginning of June.&#160&#160 This time though, they are looking at people who might be able to host them at the read more


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