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Carla  Rose Kelly
Carla Rose Kelly is a life-long musician, multi-instrumentalist, award-winning pianist, composer, recording artist and Master Healer with Music. Carla Rose has 3 post-secondary degrees, in addition to her Royal Conservatory & Conservatory Canada training, and Masters in Healing Certificates. She taught Royal Conservatory piano & theory for 25 years, and spent 10 years as a vocalist with Conservatory Canada. Carla Rose is inventor of SACRED SCALETM Music Education Program and musical instruments.
Carla Rose is pioneer in the world of SACRED SCALETM research. She has presented this research internationally at the International Association of Medicine & Music Conferences, Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Medicine & Music Conferences, Holistic and Music Therapy Conferences sharing the substantial results of her quantitative research.
This research, SACRED SCALETM Healing is published in the 2014 ISQRMM Journal. The SACRED SCALETM research involved 120 community participants with various states of health. They were given 3 one-hour SACRED SCALETM music sessions, where we measured pre and post levels of depression, anxiety and pain.
The research showed that SACRED SCALETM frequencies were effective in lessening symptoms of pain, anxiety, and depression. Our newest research was conducted on specific disorders including depression, rheumatoid arthritis, PTSD, neck and back pain, chronic. The results showed that participants in all groups reported less pain, anxiety and depression after only three sessions.
Carla Rose has had the privilege of hosting workshops, retreats and training in SACRED SCALETM Music Education in Japan, Norway, Canada and in various parts of United States with upcoming training in UK and Australia. In her London, Ontario Canada residence, she teaches Vocal & Piano Healing lessons, Meditation classes, conducts private and group healing sessions and is well known for her SONIC BLISS healing sessions, SACRED SCALETM Music Education, and conducts the Woman in Business Choir.
She is a well sought after speaker. Her passion is healing with music.

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SACRED SCALE™ Music Education Program and Musical Instruments

Carla Rose Kelly, Master Healer with Music, developed this unique music education program with the musical instruments in London, Ontario, Canada. It is a beautiful connection of music, healing &amp read more


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