Clement Jewitt

Clement Jewitt is a composer, improviser and all-round interested-in-everything man who is passionate about the role of sound and music in a balanced and grounded life.  He writes music which aims to deepen the listener's experience, working through the body, as also with singing bowls and shamanic drumming in groups seeking doorways to the transcendental.  His particular current concern is with raising awareness of the possible imminent catastrophes threatening our world.

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All music consists of tension and release, the tension of dissonance released into consonance. Without this bipolarity there is no music (thats a bit bald, but Ill stick with it). The Medieval read more

Responding to Tobias Kaye on A=432

Im in total agreement that A=less than 440 leads to an altogether more mellifluous standard of tuning, though for slightly different reasons. But first I must comment on bodily vibrations. Human vib read more

Musicmaking and Healing the Breach

I &ndash Mythmaking In the eons long life of the world soul, each great revolution on the axis mundi corresponds to an age in the slow working out of the destiny of our own ancient but still young sp read more

An Interview with Clement Jewitt

read more

Participative Spiritual Inquiry and the Music & Psyche enterprise

ABSTRACT The Common Ground Report (CGR) (Scientific &amp Medical (S&ampM) Network Review 98, pp24-27), exhibits similarities with reports of outcomes of group musical improvisation modalities develop read more

Music and the arts in a possible future

The document below is a verbal transcript of the contents of what was found to be some kind of memory stick, which I picked up in a wood recently, of an unfamiliar design, looking as if it had been le read more


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