Sound & Relaxation

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How to Free Yourself From The Madness

Using sound to raise your vibration read more

A holistic approach to stress prevention and management

Mobile phones have a lot to answer for… it’s virtually impossible to switch off from the stresses and strains of modern life as you are always in touch! Without balance in your life, stress can manifest itself in physical, mental and spiritual blockages. read more

The Sounds Around Us

How we tune into sounds around us can affect our stress levels read more

Lomi Lomi and Living a Soulful Life

What can happen during a lomi lomi retreat or massage? read more

Weightless - The most relaxing track ever!!

I was thrilled to be working on this project for the launch of a new range of products by Radox. I think that this shows that therapeutic sound is moving into mainstream consicousness - which is excellent! read more

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