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June 16 – 26 GAUNTS ANNUAL TRAINING UK (10 Days)

Aidan McIntyre and Don Conreaux The ten day / nine night full Gongmaster Training comprises both theory and practice sessions with optional pre-breakfast additional Yoga sessions read more
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Healing Sound Gong Essences

I am delighted toannounce the launch of the Healing Sound Gong Essences. My magnificent 60”Universal gong is the inspiration behind these. I don’t travel with this gong – it’s just too big, and so it is a static gong that is available to clients who visit me personally for a gongbath. Not everyone is able to get to Devon to experience the awesome hread more
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In the Heart of the Gong Space back in stock

In the Heart of the Gong Space stock arrived! Hooray! At last, after weeks of delays caused by one thing or another, the new stock of my second book - In the Heart of the Gong Space - has finally arrived.! You will never know how much patience Ive had to develop and how much Ive had to just surrender to the process in order to get the re-pread more
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Spring Equinox Gong bath

From time to time, when my teaching and other work allows, I hold a group Gongbath session. Ive scheduled one for Friday evening March 20th, at 7.30pm, to celebrate the Spring Equinox. This will be held at the Jellyfish Studio, which is at 34 Bossell Road in central Buckfastleigh, near the Town Hall, on the edge of read more
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Monthly Group Gongbath

There is a new monthly group Gong bath starting at the Healing Sound Studio in Buckfastleigh on April18th at 7.30pm, cost £12 per person. The group Gong bath will be held on the third Friday of the month. Please book in advance on the Online shop and Bookings page of the Healing Sound website, as space is limited : www.healing-sound.co.uk We look fread more
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2nd book - In the Heart of the Gong Space" now available on Kindle

Now I can announce that my second book : In the Heart of the Gong Space is also now available as a Kindle digital download on Amazon.. Heres the info from the back cover :- In her second book - In the Heart of the Gong Space : the Gong as a Spiritual Tool - Sheila Whittaker draws on her many years of experience as a musician, teacher, Sound healeread more
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Gong Intensive Workshop Re-scheduled due to bad weather

I have postponed next weekends Gong Intensive Weekend Workshop until the end of March. I took the rare decision to re-schedule as people are reluctant to travel to Devon in all this bad weather - cant say I blame them. And now you cant get here by train either due to landslides and track damage. Hopefully by the time of the re-scheduled worksread more
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Last Workshop of the Year

On the weekend of November 23rd and 24th I will be teaching my last workshop of the year. This will be a two-day Gong Intensive weekend - an immersion into the gong teachings for two days, which will strongly connect participants with these powerful healing instruments, and kick-start their own personal journey with the gongs, wherever it leads : wread more
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New Therapy Space in Buckfastleigh, Dartmoor

One of the results of my recent house move is the creation of a new Gong Therapy space in the centre of the quaint old town of Buckfastleigh in south Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor. I am no longer giving one-to-one gong treatments and lessons in my home since the move. Over the last few weeks, as well as moving down to south Devon, I have taken a sread more
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Don 2013

DON CONREAUX CALENDAR 2013 WOODSTOCK, NY SAT JAN 5, GM TRAINING 2-6 PM, GONG CONCERT 7-9 PM 7PM THURSJAN 24 NYC, NY META CENTER PANEL MAR 22 – 24 FRI – SUN NEW LIFE EXPO NYC, NY LECTURE/WORKSHOP THE FIRST USA GONG MASTER TRAINING I? 3 Weekend Trainings?IYI ?Saturday, Sunday and Monday, ?10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2:30 to 5:30 pm? January 19,read more
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Amazing Sound

My connection to sounds read more

Gong Camp 2018

Sound therapists, Instrument makers and performers are needed for this years Sound Camp This is a invitation for you to join with us in the Mid Devon countryside on Saturday 7th July 2018 for Sound Camp. read more

Gong Training

Article about gong trainings in the UK read more

Ringing the changes: why gong baths are coming to a gym near you

I first zoned out to a gong bath a decade ago in a north London yoga studio. I’d turned up for the yoga, but ended up blissed out to the sound vibrations, keen for another hit. read more


Ethics within the Gong and Sound Healing community read more

Making A Gong

gong making with Broder Oetken read more


Alexander Scriabin’s mystic chord was manifested to create a link up between the Ascending Human Kingdom and the Descending Nature/Angelic Kingdom. Separated by the dissonance of the Tritone/Aug 4th. read more

Chiron and Sedna

There has been a dispute regarding two of the planet gongs Chiron and Sedna The Paiste tunings are: Sedna 128.10 C Chiron 151.20 D# The Meinl tunings are: Sedna 181.60 F# Chiron 172.86 F read more

The Chiron Institute

The Chiron Institute, `The Chiron`, was the vision of John and June Shapter. As many people find, collecting and playing gongs had become an obsession and they had been seeking a permanent home for their collection of instruments as well as for their practice of Healing Sounds and Peace Studies. read more

Buying a Gong

Some info about buying your first gong read more

Gongs in the Mines – The Story of a Recording at Alderley Edge

Some of you may be aware of the caves and mines at a rather wonderful wooded area just outside of Manchester Alderley Edge. I’ve been visiting the area for twenty years as a place to go for a glorious walk, to look out from wonderful vantage points across the vast landscapes, to sit and meditate in the woods, to lie under the stars and to check out the caves. read more

In Praise Of Italian Gongs

Many Sound Healers, myself included, use gongs made by the German firm of Paiste. These gongs are renowned for their acoustic properties and high quality forging that makes them the preferred (in some cases exclusively so!) gongs for many people. read more

Gong Volume

Talking about how much volume is suitable during a gongbath read more

People, Gongs & Agendas

Enquiries about the gong work read more

Dear Friends of the Gong

With so many new gong players out in the world now, it is easy for me to lose track of our communication with each other. Please let me share my thoughts of the future with you. I realize that there are those who do not hold this vision I have, but I must put it out there for those who can embrace it. read more


In order to establish a closer rapport with the Higher Creative Intelligence within the Gong,.. read more


There has been much discussion about the title of Gong Master and how high the potential for its abuse with immature gong players running amok with a spiritual or elephant ego and reveling in their roles and dispersing half-learned wisdom. read more

The Healing Journey With the Gong

Healing read more


For some years now I’ve been somewhat vexed regarding the attribution of the seven white notes of the piano to the seven chakras. When I was attending school during the 1950s & 60s the ONLY music I knew of was our Western diatonic scale with its major and minor keys. read more

The Many Types of People who Attend Gong Workshops

Everyone benefits from attending a Gong workshop! read more


We are in a planet-wide proliferation of humans who have the spirit of the One Humanity on earth blossoming in their individual and collective soul. read more


Using Gongs for Sound Healing read more

Mysterious Tremendum

Mysterious Tremendum read more

A Letter from Don

Please feel that you belong to IGMA, the International Gong Masters Alliance and thank you for spreading the Nada Yoga of the Gong to the world. read more

Dear 2014 Students of Gong Consciousness

“Thank You For Everything. I Have No Complaints!” has worked well in 2013. But, I do have a couple of resolutions, hope-full suggestions really for 2014. read more

Bang The Gong Slowly

I was stunned. I was clearly not going to be swimming alone for my first gong bath. The line stretched wide across 13th street to get into Integral Yoga Institute that evening, filled with people awaiting the chance to bring balance to their body energy by merging themselves with the powerful vibrations promised. read more


The New Year in the thirteen moon calendar is not the same as Gregorian New Year, January 1, but is celebrated the day after the Day Out of Time, just as the Day Out of Time is the day after the 364th day of the 13 moon calendar year. read more

Gong Problems - Help!

I need a bit of advice. I am afraid that I left my 32" Paiste gong hanging on it`s stand, and whilst I was away the gut snapped. I was shocked to see it on the floor, with a rather dented bottom lip. The main circle looks as it was, but the rim is no longer round. read more


In 1984, Don began taking to all the countries of the United Nations the vision of the World Peace Bell Gardens and the Evocation Gong Ceremony to celebrate the arrival of world Peace and Happiness, Global Earth Gong Day One, The Starhenge design science offered by gong master Don Conreaux extends around the Global Gong as a network of World Peace Gong stone circles called the Starhenge Design. read more


An overview of 18 Areas of Gong Studies read more


In 1983 I was coordinating an event in Los Angeles for the ICC, International Cooperation Council for the United Nation NGO’s, Non-Governmental Organizations. Before this time a certain book was placed in my hand by Leland P. Stewart, Executive Director of the Los Angeles ICC. read more


OM & Universal Greeting read more


Matter doesn’t matter alone; but some matters matter more; Consciousness matters; Intention Matters. Whatever matters most matters! Consciousness structures our reality and also our virtuality. Itis the Sacred Geometry of Sound that creates it. read more

Touching Other Dimensions

The combination of a scientifically-proven method of healing through resonance, together with the spiritual aspect, is what attracted me to sound therapy. When I give a sound bath (or 'Gong Meditation' as I now call it) with my four gongs, the build-up of positive energy in the room is undeniable - stronger on some occasions than others. read more

GMT 2012 June 18-28

3 Teachers read more

Don Conreaux writes....

In the lineage of gong history, Dane Rudhyar and Alexander Scriabin represent two of the most important esoteric philosophers. read more


Over the last month we've managed to raise 3000Euro. The contributors and cofounders up till now are: read more



OXFORDSHIRE - Gong Sound Bath

read more

LONDON - Fortnightly Monday evening restorative gong baths Balham

read more

OXFORD - Gong Sound Bath

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SWINDON - Tea Ceremony & Gong Bath

read more

BANBURY - Gong Sound Bath

read more

OXFORD - Gong Sound Bath

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DEVON - All-night Gong Puja ceremony

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LONDON - Gong Concert with Mehtab Benton

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LONDON - Kundalini Rebirthing & The Gong with Mehtab Benton

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LONDON - Gong Yoga Nidra with Mehtab Benton

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LONDON - How to Play the Gong with Mehtab Benton

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