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Annette De Saulles
Category: Gong Work

Touching Other Dimensions

The combination of a scientifically-proven method of healing through resonance, together with the spiritual aspect, is what attracted me to sound therapy.  When I give a sound bath (or 'Gong Meditation' as I now call it) with my four gongs, the build-up of positive energy in the room is undeniable - stronger on some occasions than others.  I also seem to notice a corresponding change in the subtlety and richness of the gong tones.  Am I imagining this? Has anyone else noticed it, perhaps with singing bowls or other instruments?  Obviously different venues will affect the sound, but I have noticed distinct variations in my therapy room at home.  One explanation could be that the energy of the client(s) is influential.

I have from time to time (with the permission, of course, of the participants) taken photos at the end of a gong meditation and almost invariably, orbs show up on the pictures.  Here is a bright white orb that appeared at the end of a session last week.  And the blurring on the other photo is caused by a build-up of energy in the room (not camera shake as one would think - extensive testing ruled this out, plus I have seen the same thing on photos taken at a friend's graduation ceremony - where cheerful-looking spirit forms also showed up clearly).

I would be very interested to know if anyone else has tried taking photos when doing sound work, and what the results were.

With love and light, Annette x

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