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Padma Prakasha
Padma is a wisdom author with 6 books published worldwide, and is a Sound Master in the Saivite Shiva Lineage. He has taught in over 22 countries worldwide and uses mantra, and inner Tantric work to create change fast for those who desire it. His latest books 'The Science of Sound' and 'Shivas Hologram: The Maheshwara Sutra,' available in 2023 worldwide share the deeper hidden wisdom of the Vedic vision of how sound creates the universe. For more about his work go to

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Shiksha or the science of sound explains how vibratory processes create our holographic universe, and this is experienced and made known to us through nada yoga, the yoga of sound. For thousands of years the study of sound and the ever moving processes of vibration that create, sustain and unfold the universe in all its aspects and expressions has been a major part of all Vedic schools of learning. read more


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