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Experiencing Inner Peace in Muz’s Murray’s Magical Mantra Meditatio

Online Mantra Sessions read more

Give It All Away For Love: Creating a Chanting CD

Give It All Away For Love I am very excited to have just completed my latest Kirtan chant CD Give It All Away For Love. I began the CD back in February 2015 and it has been a quite a journey. read more

Why is Pronunciation so Important in Sanskrit?

It is important to spend a little time to learn the basics of Sanskrit pronunciation. Reading Sanskrit words with no diacritical marks and pronouncing them as an English word, always results in poor p read more

Contemplating Devotion

During my recent trip to India I found myself contemplating Kirtan and the path devotion more deeply, a path I have been exploring for some years. I want to share those thoughts and the journey I hav read more


About the definition of mantra. The word “mantra” comes from the sanskrit language. Im not an expert in sanskrit language so, in order to understand the meaning of this word, I depend (as many o read more

Kirtan - Devotional Chanting

I am so grateful for this simple practice of kirtan (devotional chanting). While other practices have come and gone in my life like clouds drifting across the sky, chanting is so effortless, joyful read more

Benefits of Chanting

Gregorian Chant Dr Alan Watkins, a senior lecturer in neuroscience at Imperial College London said: We have recently carried out research that demonstrates that the regular breathing and musical s read more

Narayanis New Album - Maatri Sharanam Released

My new album Maatri Sharanam has just been released and Sound Forum MEMBERS can get a 15% discount (valid until 10th June) on either the hard copy or download. Visit www.onebodyones read more

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is the call and response chanting of Sanskrit names of the Divine, led usually to melodious music. It is often called Bhajans which is a broader term meaning devotional song. It is a practic read more


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