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from: Narayani
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Narayani's New Album - Maatri Sharanam Released

My new album Maatri Sharanam has just been released and Sound Forum MEMBERS can get a 15% discount (valid until 10th June) on either the hard copy or download.

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The yogic tradition of Kirtan chanting is increasingly popular in the UK and I am really excited to have released my second album last month.

Here is what has been written about the album so far:
"Maatri Sharanam (Take Refuge in the Mother), is a collection of traditional Sanskrit chants set to a range of beautiful melodies composed by Narayani. Mixing slow, gentle tempos with upbeat folk-style harmonies, and accompanied by tabla (India drums) and violin, Narayani’s powerful chanting is at once spiritually uplifting and profoundly meditative. And, whilst honouring the Indian tradition and philosophy of Kirtan (call and response chanting), her compositions have a western influence with wide appeal. " 
Kirtan is a yoga of the emotions that connects mind body & soul and takes people on an inner journey to access their authentic voice. When I sing at home, I find myself creating new melodies that have a physical resonance for me. People at my concerts have responded very strongly to these new Kirtans and the traditional ones I sing, and I released this album so they could chant the most popular compositions at home.
For many, chanting and focusing on sound is an easier way to still the mind than silent meditation, and can take you to a profound inner silence. People often say they find my chants stress soothing and stress relieving. One woman used them when she was moving home, another when she was giving birth. Practising Kirtan and yoga freed me from an unhappy, hedonistic lifestyle and allowed me to become a much more balanced and joyful person. That’s why I’m passionate about sharing the transformative potential of this practice.
Unlike the monotone chanting commonly known in Buddhism or the Vedic three-note chants, Kirtan was developed by lay people and is much more varied. Singers chant to aspects of the Divine and, with repetition, this resonates physically in the body and mind. In this way, Kirtan can open up the chakras, particularly anahata – the heart centre – and help people create an inner place of happiness, balance and love. 
You can listen to samples of the album on my website ( before you buy or watch the video on youtube. 

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