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Overtone Singing

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I loved to sing or hum along to overtone singing and throatsinging songs from Mongolia and Tuva or Native American chants or flute playingor Australian songs or didgeridoo playing. So with this love read more

My journey with overtone singing and harmonics part 1

I am an overtone singer and multi-instrumentalist. I come from the UK but now live in Slovakia. I have always been fascinated by the spirituality of making sounds and music. I travel extensively both read more

The Overtone Choir

The power and beauty experienced by those listening to overtone singing and harmonic music derives from the musics pure, natural and mathematical foundation. The harmonic series note relationship read more

The Transformational Power of Mongolian Khöömii (overtone singing) Part 1

You know when you are on the right track when simple yet profound events change your life. One of those moments was in London, August 1988 when I attended a concert of Mongolian music and dance. I alr read more


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