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HOhME - a new collaboration.

Barry and Lina (hanghang duo, have teamed up with Julia Palmer Price ( to form HOhME. read more

I am continually asking myself why I do what I do,

I am continually asking myself why I do what I do, why in other words I am devoting time and energy to music amid all the other possible meaningful ways of engaging with life. If I were to ask myself what gives me most hope about life, what makes life most worth living, my answer would include sound and music. I believe music and sound to be among the most potent technologies we have at our disposal to navigate what we are both individually and collectively struggling with on the planet. read more

The Importance of Music as Medicine in our World

The Importance of Music as Medicine in our World read more

The Stroud Sacred Music Festival

The Stroud Sacred Music Festival at St Laurence Church, Stroud, has become an iconic event in the Stroud calendar, bringing a world class line-up of global musicians year after year since 2015 read more

The Mystery Of Buying A Musical Instrument

For most people buying a musical instrument is a mystery. Beginners have the greatest difficulty but even the experienced dont find this kind of decision easy. For the novice there are plenty of ch read more

Where Are Your Old Cassettes?

I am a PhD candidate at Oxford and an independent music researcher currently looking into networks of visionary, ambient, electronic, and healing music from the 1970s through the 1990s. My project exp read more

Beat It Percussion Research Contacts Sought

Beat It Percussion Research Contacts Sought read more

SOS from Cortijo Romero - Please Help!

SOS from Cortijo Romero - Please Help! read more

Singing No More Risky for COVID Than Talking, New Study Says

The performing arts has been badly affected during the coronavirus pandemic with live musical performances canceled for many months because singing was identified as a potential "higher risk" activity, but new research shows that singing does not produce more respiratory particles than when speakingat a similar volume. read more

Playing & Singing Together Remotely (That Latency Thing)

Along with many other forms of human interaction, live musical collaboration has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. Widespread quarantining and social distancing essentially suspended performances that require precise timing among multiple players – everything from classical symphonies and choir ensembles to jazz quartets and rock bands. read more


Necessary time out to recoup read more

Where Art and Therapy Collide

How sound and the voice can be used as a therapeutic art-form read more

The World is your Drumming Circle

how to use rhythm for healing read more

Music alters Civilzations

Different cultures music has unique vibratory patterns that alters them read more

Gong Master Training with Don Conreaux finds new home at Hawkwood, Stroud

DON CONREAUX was drawn to Eastern mysticism and Philosophy from an early age. As a teenager in 1952 his first esoteric teacher was Paramahansa Yogananda with Don receiving his kriya Initiation in 1953. His formal education includes a Masters Degree in Theatre and from 1952 through to 1969 he became an Actor, Writer and Director working in Hollywood and New York. read more

May There Be Peace This Magical May

Join the Singing Magic and Help Create More Peace in the World. read more

the latest from Gongmaster Don

whats happening in 2018 read more

The Matrix The Sound Model for Peace

The Matrix The Sound Model forPeace Peace is anemotion. We all know what it feels like. Music creates emotions within us. Oneway to create peace is to listen to peaceful music! When music makes read more

The Music of Love

The Music ofLove Music creates feelings. I think at Valentine’s Day the question is, “Can music create love?” Feelings, such as love and the energy of music are more connected than we ever imagi read more

Musical, Magical Retreat For Sale

Le Cotil: Our Musical, Magical Retreat Is For Sale We are selling our wonderful retreat in NORMANDY, FRANCE. Some Sound Forum members may have even been over and stayed with us. But now is the tim read more

Rain Dances

The Magic of Rain Dances All over the globe for thousands of years, ancient people performed rain dances. With no successes this practice would die out. Apparently it worked. I was curious -what i read more

Chakra Colours

The link between the chakras and the rainbow colours is a very recent Western addition. In 1977 Christopher Hills published a book entitled “Nuclear Evolution”. He was the first person to link the read more

Hara’s Work

Hara has a worldwide healing practice and facilitates Soul Sounds&rsquo a holistic healing group in Wirral and West Wales. In addition to this she runs workshops, pop up Soul Sound Cafes and heali read more


S I L E N C E &ldquoSilence is True Wisdom&rsquos; Best Reply&rdquo - Euripides Silence is a subject that I often bring up in my meditation and Dharma programs, but it is also a topic I address read more

The Gong - Separating Truth from Myth

A recent Gong Talk in front of a group of Gong enthusiasts brought some interesting dialog to the forefront, and I would like to share some of this dialog. Within the room that day and in many pr read more

Sound Ecology p.2: hearing the Great Symphony

Soundscapes In the early 1970s the Canadian composer and professor R. Murray Schafer intorduced the term &ldquosoundscape&rdquo reffering to all the sounds that a person can hear in a specific plac read more

Accessing Dimensions for Personal Use

Dimension Hopping Modern science has finally caught up to Ancient Shamans and Intuitives throughout time, in acknowledging that there are many other dimensions surrounding us higher dimensions are read more

Secrets of the Flow

The Secrets of the Flow In a newborn baby, energy flows easily and unimpeded. The baby&rsquos; mind and emotions do not get stuck &ndash read more

Sound through the Dimensional Porthole

Healing throughDifferent Dimensions! By Jill Mattson Dimensions &ndash this word implies intellectual stuff thatpeople are far from understanding, but surprising there is much we already knowabout t read more

Sound To Kill or Sound to Heal?

Noise harms and even kills. There is nowwealth of evidence about the harmful effect of noise. According to a 1999 U.S. Censusreport, Americans named noise as the number one problem in neighborho read more

The Science of Hearing

The Science of Hearing The human hearing range is between 20 to 20,000 Hz. There is considerable variation in the hearing range between individuals. Most young people can hear up to 18,000 Hz. read more


A reader of my book SHARING the QUEST wrote: &ldquoI really appreciate your chapter on The Dark Night of the Soul, it could havebeen written just for me. I have been trying to follow a guru with read more

News Flash – Singing is Good For You!

News Flash &ndash Singing is Good For You! From &lsquoFrontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience&rsquo we have some great news! &lsquoChoir singing connects respiration and heart activity. Cou read more

Sound Centre in Turkey

Our Sound Centre in Turkey is now running sound workshops as part of a holiday with a difference. Sound &amp Energy 4 All in Turkey is based in Altinkum the jewel of the Aegean Coast. It is famous fo read more

June Tunes

June Tunes - 3 New Tracks for Listening! What a highly charged and potent week this is turning out to be. As Lady Venus transited the Sun this week and Queen Betsy had her Right Royal Do, he read more

Dear Friends of Don Campbell everywhere ...

This message is to let you know that our beloved Don - who has patiently, light-heartedly, and graciously navigated the physical challenges of his pancreative cancer over these last four months - is read more

Jerusalem - the Sound of Success for Integrative Medicine

I have just returned from the International Conference of Integrative Medicine in Jerusalem and am buzzing! The conference was aimed at bringing together orthodox approaches with holistic and I was h read more

How the Sound Forum Community site, Facebook and Twitter are linked

I am frequently asked how the website, Sound Forum Facebook and Twitter are linked. So here is an attempt to provide some answers. Sound Forum Community site is where artic read more

Discovering Your Natural Voice

0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Chris James Discovering Your Natural Voice &ldquoEveryone is born with b read more

Healing for Don Campbell

Dearest friends and students of Don Campbell, I am writing to let you know (just in case you havent heard already) that our beloved friend and sound healer, Don Campbell, is presently very challeng read more

Stress Reducing MP3

Get a sense of Stress Is Gone. Heres a sound bite from our new Mobile Website. Practice the 3 steps as you listen, then put them into play when stressed night or day. Listen to the mp3 on this li read more

Fabien Maman: "The Tao of Sound" Lecture/Demonstration and Book Signing.

Fabien Maman: The Tao of Sound Lecture/Demonstration and Book Signing. 2011 marks the 30the anniversary of Fabien Mamans revolutionary sound/cellular experiment documenting for the first time u read more

Scientists show how the brain reacts to favourite tunes

Samuel Barbers Adagio for Strings is the the piece of music that proved to be most popular in Valorie Salimpoors experiments to find out why certain pieces of music give us intense emotions. I read more

Greetings from Katie Lloyd-Nunn at Hawkwood!

? I just wanted to remind you of a fantastic weekend coming up in September &ndash our first Hawkwood course of the new season&hellip autumn! Time for new beginnings. Stefan Cartwright is pulling to read more

recent soundings

it has been a busy summer for me touring festivals, playing and giving workshops. i love these opportunities to share beautiful music with many diverse addition to this i am involved in a va read more


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