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May There Be Peace This Magical May

May There Be Peace This Magical May

Join the Singing Magic and Help Create More Peace in the World.

Dear Friend

The Magical Month of May
Magic and May spring from the same wordy roots meaning 'to have power' - the name of today's May Day Queen means 'she who is great.'
So this May, here's some reflections on how the great magic of singing
can help us make more peace in the world.

How Singing Helps Us Makes Peace

1. Bringing Magic to Mental Mayhem
As singing requires us to focus on the movement of rhythm, melodies and lyrics, our mind is liberated from unhelpful thoughts, creating space for magic. 
We may begin with worrying thoughts 'HOW am I going to do this?' but the invitation of singing is simply to DO it - to jump in and have a go.  In doing so we become absorbed and relieved of mental pressure by the currents of music washing through us.  As our breathing deepens, our toes tap and our voices rise, we feel the great magic of life buzzing in our cells and it feels great!

2. Making Great Connections
As we become more peaceful internally, we have space to perceive those around us in a more peaceful way - to register smiling faces, shining eyes and tender feelings around us.  As we all take the risk of expressing ourselves together, we gain appreciation and respect for everyone's unique contribution.   Through the creative power of making gobsmackingly beautiful harmonies, we become beautified, harmonised and humanised. 

3.  Peaceful Singing Magic Ripples Across The World
Singing goes viral everyday - it moves, shakes, shimmies and invites us to play and bring more magic into our lives.  When we allow ourselves this joyful experience, we liberate ourselves from stress and tension.
 Just one peaceful, uplifted person can move mountains.
The sense of support, connection and wellbeing we gain from singing together can be contagious.  We can become clear, confident communicators of good vibes in the world.

Inviting You to Join the Anthem For Peace
This June I am directing Croydon's first Festival of Peace.
The centrepiece of the Festival is the London Mozart Player's Anthem for Peace - which we warmly invite you to come and sing, dance and play with us during the Festival week.
There is a full programme of vibrant arts events from 16th-23rd June.
Do come and help us create magic!

Wishing you a Magical May

Twitter: @katierosewindow

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