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Katie Rose

Katie Rose Bio

Described by The Guardian as a 'fine singer,' and 'an eye (and ear) opener'  by fRoots Magazine, Katie loves singing and helping people sing.

Her new album Flame, is due to be released in Summer 2021, following three previous albums and releases including a song to accompany Road to Peace, a film about the Dalai Lama. She has collaborated with artists including Gill Manly, Tom Morley, Shri Sriram, The False Beards and Barefoot Doctor.

Committed to making the wellbeing benefits of singing accessible and inclusive, Katie leads choirs in community settings including hospitals, hospices and carers centres. Convinced of the power of singing to make waves in the world, she directs mass choral events including Sing for Water, an annual fundraiser for WaterAid and Festival of Peace Croydon 2018.   A fully insured, DBS checked member of the Natural Voice Network, Katie believes everyone has a voice and is committed to leading safe, inclusive, diverse choirs with people of all genders, cultures and creeds.

With 20 years experience of coaching music, film, theatre & TV professionals, Katie brings an innovative and holistic approach to voice work, helping individuals unlock the power, joy and magic of their true voice.

Committed to broadcasting positive news about the arts, Katie has written for Croydon Citizen, fRoots Magazine, Turning Point Magazine and her poetry has been published in two collections. She has broadcast for Croydon Radio and launched her Vocal Revolution Zoomcast during lockdown 2020.

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Vocal Revolution Zoomcast Ep 9 - The Inclusive Voice with Naveen Arles

The Inclusive Voice - how singing and voice work can support personal and social wellbeing, justice and equality. read more

Vocal Revolution Zoomcast Ep 8 - The Voice of Loss with Steph Turner

Steph shares her reflections on how sharing and expressing our grief and loss creatively can be transformative. read more

May There Be Peace This Magical May

Join the Singing Magic and Help Create More Peace in the World. read more

Dream Song

Dear Friend Dream Song Enter May - month of merrymaking, maypoles and magic - with swathes of billowing blossom and gorgeous greenery. The abundance of natural beauty and lengthe read more

World Wellbeing - One Breath, One Song At A Time

September is shaping up to be a momentous month for me - I&rsquom conducting a song for the mass choir fundraising event Sing for Water, celebrating World Peace Day with Croydon Community Choir and be read more

Harmonious expression

Harmonious Expression &ldquoIn the end we shall have had enough of cynicism, skepticism and humbug, and we shall want to live more musically.&rdquo - Vincent Van Gogh Dear Friend For many of us our read more

Why We Dont & How We Can Love Our Voices

Why We Don&rsquot &amp How We Can Love Our Voices Dear Friend Last month, I had the pleasure of singing with many wonderful people in celebration of World Voice Day. One thing that came up in the dis read more

Sing for Your Heart

An act of love, a voluntary taking on oneself of some of the pain of the world, increases the courage and love and hope of all. - Dorothy Day Dear Friend The Singing Antidote As the shops stack up w read more

Remember September

Dear Friend Remember September Say do you remember/ dancing in September/ never was a cloudy day - Earth Wind and Fire - September I often find autumn to be a nostalgic time. As the rhythm of li read more

Super Sizzling Solstice

Dear Friend Wishing You a Super Sizzling Solstice We are all innately magical, creative beings. It&rsquos; just that sometimes we forget. So here are some of the reminders I have received whi read more

Why Creativity Loves Collaboration

Why Creativity Loves Collaboration Over the last few months I&rsquove been involved in an organically wonderful collaboration - Croydon Creative Business Hub - and witnessing the magic that happens read more

Easter Eggs for the Ears

Easter Eggs for the Ears The Seasonal Party Cycle Following the patterns of nature, in many traditions, periods of fasting, reflection and retreat are followed by massive feasts and celebrations. H read more


? Warning: Uplifting Singing Can Seriously Boost the Flow of Happiness to your Heart ? How Singing Helps Our Hearts ? Happiness Gym Singing is a form of gentle exercise which encourages deep breat read more

The Mysterious Heart

The Mysterious Heart The Mysterious Heart Love is an endless mystery, for it has nothing else to explain it. - Rabindranath Tagore The Enchanting and Mysterious Heart By: Mohammad Bardi A Romanc read more

The Therapeutic Voice

The Therapeutic Voice One of the great honours of my work is sharing sound with holistic professionals at organisations such as forthcoming courses at the Holistic Healing College and the College o read more


SoulSong - Let Your Soul Sing I am delighted to announce that I will be running at retreat, SoulSong in Ibiza - 3rd-10th May. This has been a long time dream of mine come true and I am super excited read more

A Roaring Start to 2014

A Roaring Start to 2014 Dear Friend Wishing you a truly magnificent, magical start to 2014! What are your dreams and aspirations for 2014? What is your heart longing for? Are read more

Sparkly Solstice Card and Special Song for Children

Wishing you a Marvellous Magical Magnificent Midwinter Season Thank You so much for being part of my musical adventures this year and for all the magic, wonder, love and laughter you br read more

The Voice of Purpose

The Voice of Purpose How do we make plans and goals for the New Year, without them falling by the wayside? Connecting goals with our broader sense of purpose in life ensures that they are authentical read more

The Moving Voice

The Moving Voice Dancing Your Song and Singing Your Dance I am delighted to be collaborating on a special Dance &amp Voice event with wonderful Beverley Drumm, founder of Nectar of Life this month. read more

Singing Through Sticky

Singing Through Sticky Here in South London the arrival of winter was announced by a wild wind that shook many trees from their roots. Streets were strewn with splintered tree branches as the cloc read more

The Singing Tardis

The Singing Tardis Musical Time Travel One of the things that amazes me about my experience of sounding is how it can bring create connections across time and space. The creative process of intera read more

Music of the Mind

Music of the Mind Last month I was honoured to be part of two wonderful charity events both of which have prompted me to think more deeply about the essential contribution of music to healthy mental read more

Space for Experience - Celebrating the contribution of older people on Silver Sunday

Space for Experience Celebrating the contribution of older people on Silver Sunday On 6th October, choirs and performers of all ages will join together to sing interfaith chants and songs for pea read more

Singing Makes Peace

Singing Makes Peace I just took part in Sing for Water this weekend, an event which brings together a mass choir of 800 people at the Thames Festival to raise funds for WaterAid&rsquos; life saving read more

Soul Sounds

Soul Sounds &ldquoWe connect to the world through the sound: the chatter of people, the hum of the traffic, the whisper of touch, the percussion of a heartbeat.&rdquo - Caro Ness - A Space for Si read more

Hear Me Roar!

? Hear Me Roar!! As a Leo I have learnt to love my Roar and I am finding that more and more people around me are roaring too. In Turkey the people stood up and roared when the government attempt read more

The Power of Play

June Blog - The Power of Play Play is the highest form of research. - Albert Einstein I had the honour of teaching my annual Sound Healing module at the Holistic Healing College this month - read more

Super Sonic Summer Solstice Mantra Gift

Super Sonic Summer Solstice As we celebrate the longest, brightest days, take a moment to connect with your biggest, boldest vision for your life - what would it look like for you to be operating a read more

Speaking Truth

Speaking Truth - May Blog There is that old saying ‘truth will out’ - in these days of multiple interpretations, communications, connections, confusions, discombobulations and distractions, how do we read more

The Voice of Peace

The Voice of Peace Against a backdrop of earthquakes, wars, bombings and oppressions, I recently experienced two awakenings about the power of voice to create peace. The first was the launch read more

Women & Water

Women and Water - Flowing Together to Create Change &ldquoOne stick will break soon. But five sticks combined can&rsquot be broken easily. Therefore bound together as a group, we can do similar work read more

Empty Cup - Your Invitation to the Launch Party - Come and Celebrate World Water Day.

Dear Sound Travels Friend Inviting you to the launch of my new album, empty cup, with thanks for being a friend in song and sound. This album represents both a new direction and a coming home to my read more

5 Steps to a More Songful You

January Blog - 5 Steps to a More Songful You in 2013 So this New Year, I&rsquove decided to create some new resources to empower singers. I&rsquom really excited about sharing the richness that si read more

Rest & Vulnerability - The Song of Stillness

Rest and Vulnerability - The Song of Stillness My recent learning has taken me by surprise - which is not really surprising, because to learn is to be willing to be constantly surprised- but something read more

Self-Employment - Singing Your Own Song

I was asked recently to write a blog on self-employment. Which, as I am about to explain is somewhat ironic, considering that my life has been more of a sort of somewhat mad and magic carpet ride, how read more

June Tunes

June Tunes - 3 New Tracks for Listening! What a highly charged and potent week this is turning out to be. As Lady Venus transited the Sun this week and Queen Betsy had her Right Royal Do, he read more

Listening for the Voice of Change

Listening for the Voice of Change 2012 is shaping up to be all that it promised to be and more. It includes staggering extremes and all colours in between. I am singing in technicolour. On th read more

Circles of Unity and Diversity

Circles of Unity and Diversity Yesterday I attended the SOAS Interfaith Music Festival. I am always incredlbly inspired and uplifted when I see devout members of different religions speaking and sing read more

The Urgency of Interconnection

The Urgency of Interconnection I am writing this in early spring as the flowers are just beginning to blossom. Which makes me marvel again at the way the change of seasons always takes me by s read more

Ocean of Song - Your Invitation

Dearest Friend I am absolutely delighted to invite you to Ocean of Song - March 23rd Singing together to raise waves of funds and awareness for WaterAid A truly oceanic collective of choi read more

Interview on Sounds Orange

I have mentioned the wonderful Sound Forum in this interview with Anadi Taylor from Sounds Orange - very grateful to be part of this amazing community - thank you! Katie read more

L_ve Y_ur V_ice in 2012

L?ve Y?ur V?ice in 2012 I have just discovered that the word Free has its roots in the words for Friend, Lover and Beloved. So to free something is to love it. So if we wish to liberate our voic read more

Dancing with Dissonance

December Blog - Dancing with Dissonance An exploration of the beauty of dissonance and how dancing to our own tune can makes waves in the world. The reality today is that we are all interdependent read more

Creating a Community of Song

October Blog - Creating a Community of Song One question that has been deeply preoccupying me and will no doubt continue to do so until the end of my days here, is how can I use that which has been g read more

Words and Wordlessness

Words and Wordlessness It has been challenging writing this month&rsquos; article mainly because I encountered some welcome wordlessness and some dee read more

From Out There to In Here and Back Again

July Blog - From Out There to In Here and Back Again. I have just come back from a week&rsquos; work in Austria, which was a wonderful experience. Rolling mountains, trees, abundant flowers and openh read more

Pink is the New Blue - Going Beyond Gender

June Blog - Pink is the New Blue - Going Beyond Gender I recently saw an article in the Independent that says there is a big boom in mothers choosing pink for baby boys, which reflects the growing read more

Love is at the Root of Everything

May Blog - Love is the Root of Everything I was reminded recently that there is a funky bassline playing along underneath even the most twisted and seemingly off-key tunes in life, that love is the r read more

Finding Peace in the Shadows

April Blog - Finding Peace in the ShadowsAs another war starts in Libya, I have been dedicating this month&rsquos; events to Peace. This has prompted me to take a deeper look at my own struggles and m read more

Blessing Water - Singing to Heal the Waters of the World

We are approaching World Water Day in the wake of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. As the world is shaken and stirred to the core by these events, it feels very timely to be reflecting on our rel read more


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