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Katie Rose
from: Katie Rose
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Hear Me Roar!

? Hear Me Roar!!

As a Leo I have learnt to love my Roar and I am finding that more and more people around me are roaring too. In Turkey the people stood up and roared when the government attempted to cut down the trees in Gezi Park. In Brazil, the people are powerfully and peacefully roaring.  Magic happens when we allow the power of our most primal voice and deepest felt inner convictions to rise up and be expressed on the wave of a ROOOAAARRRRRR!


Why Roar?

Isn’t that nasty/ angry/ messy? - well yes, life is messy. Roaring allows us to acknowledge the chaos - and to release it in a creative, purposeful way. It allows things to go bang that need to go bang - big style!


5 Reasons to Roar

1 . It enables you to communicate your truth purposefully and directly

No beating around the bush, the lion roars it how it is.

Roaring enables you to take a stand for yourself and for causes, issues and principles that matter to you. When we are true to ourselves, our relationships become more transparent and honest.


2. It will enable you to befriend and transform your anger

There is much fear and misunderstanding of our aggressive impulses.  Scary as these places can seem, pretending that they are not there does not serve us. After all, they evolved to help us get out of tricky spots in the jungle. So making friends with our RAge enables us to transform it into energetic bio-diesel.  Anger can often be a red flag that our boundaries have been busted - roaring enables us to say ‘Oi! I am here and this is where my lines are’ in a firm, assertive, loving way.  

We can also learn to welcome those who play out the role of our inner adversary for they ultimately challenge us to develop strength, courage, valiance, nobility and truthfulness.

After a good roar, the lion will lie down with the lamb.


3. It supports us to birth the new

The Big Bang of birth involves roaring - the roars of a woman during labour is the song which welcomes the roar of a newborn being into the world. The power of our roar, which is humming away in every one of our cells, gets things on the move.


4. Roaring enables Yes and No to be Loud and Understood

Roaring with passionate YES to life enables us to access our vitality to fully jump in -  paws, tail n all - and fully engage with the great adventure of life..

Roaring a clear NO enables us to to swish our tail and put a clear, clean end to that which no longer serves.


5. Its Fun!


4 Types of Roaring

1. Inner Roar

The power of our inner thoughts is tremendous, they actually have a inaudible sound vibration that is released into the atmosphere. So if caught in a spot where roaring audibly is not appropriate, allowing a deep, calm, inner roar to rise up from the belly and be acknowledged can reconnect us to our primal power source.  Roaring shifts our inner awareness and as a result we start RAdiating a new energy and giving out clearer signals.


2. Outer Roar in Private

Abstract roaring out of the context of a trigger situation can be a very helpful and healthy way to release pent-up emotions.  Like a sonic storm, having a big shake and roar can leave us feeling cleansed, having found a fresh perspective, and electrified with vitality.


3. Outer Roar in Public

Sometimes we need to roar in public - to stop a child running out into the street or the person who just swiped our bag.  We also need to roar in appreciation - to cheer on our team, our children, our beloveds - the word HooRAy has a roar inside it! :)


4. Outer Roar with Friends

Roaring with laughter is of course the most fun version, especially when practiced often with friends. 

Wishing you a ROARINGLY wonderful Summer

Looking forward to roaring with you




Ready to Roar???

Do join me at the special HEAR ME ROAR Workshop on 18th July

Discover the power of your natural voice in a special 121 Voice Garden session.











Mantra of the Month - RA

RA - is not only the sound we use to imitate lions but also the name of the Great Egyptian Sun God - and which means the Sun in Yogic traditions. So in that huge sound is contained the power throbbing at the heart of the Sun. In many traditions we find that AH is the the sound of the heart, so we activate and focus our big heartedness in RA.


To maximise your RA, work up to it by taking some big lazy lion yawns to soften your jaw, then standing tall, release your RA whilst taking your arms up and over you, fingers outstretched to widen the arc of your heart

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