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Felicity Warner
Felicity is known for her pioneering work, lecturing and writing and holistic and spiritual care of the dying. She runs the Soul Midwive’s Foundation, which developed from The Hospice of the Heart Trust and is the author of two books published by Hay House-Gentle Dying (2008) and A Safe Journey Home (2011) She campaigns to de-medicalise dying and to restore knowledge of how to help the dying, in simple ways, back to the community.

She created "Soul Midwives" who are non- medical compassionate companions to the dying. Their training involves a detailed knowledge of the dying process and the physical, psycho-spiritual and emotional stages involved. They use Sound, touch and other holistic techniques to gently aid transition.Their skills are both practical and hands-on and also “listening” based and aim to alleviate fear and suffering Felicity has trained around 100 Soul Midwives in the UK and also South Africa and New Zealand and Europe and lectures at many hospices and hospitals.    

The Soul Midwiving techniques have been inspired by a wide range of sources and has many therapeutic models -Tibetan , Ayurvedic and Shamanic traditions besides the many varied cross-cultural ways that people have always used to help sit with the dying.

"If we can help to make the process of dying a better experience for just one person, we are helping to nurture the core of our communities, restoring love and kindness besides helping to disolve the dark cloud of fear that feeds the taboo that still surrounds death."

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