Madeleine Walker

Madeleine Walker
Madeleine Walker is a world renowned Animal Communicator, Horse and Rider Trauma Consultant and Spiritual Empowerment Coach. Her mission is to raise humankind’s awareness of the incredibly deep connections we have with our animals, and the importance of their messages of healing re-empowerment for us and our beautiful planet.
She travels extensively to work with wild species, e.g. lions, elephants, whale sharks and large cetaceans, in their natural habitat, and writes and lectures internationally, about her experiences. She is well known for her healing skills for both animals and humans on both emotional and physical levels. Madeleine specialises in the past life connections between animals and their human carers.
She is a pioneer with her techniques on past life script rewriting, Atlantean light crystal healing, cetacean soul healing, pre-birth soul contract and DNA realigning, all taught to her by animals! She formerly worked in adult education with holistic stress management and Art therapy, and also worked within conventional veterinary medicine.
She is based in the UK, but facilitates courses and lectures internationally. She also performs distant consultations for her overseas client base. She has been featured on many US (including Coast to Coast), Canadian, and Australian, radio shows, and in many international publications. She was also a finalist in the 2013 About.com reader’s choice awards for favourite Animal Communicator, and her “Animal Whispers Empowerment cards” were also nominated as finalists in the favourite Oracle card set category.
She has written three books, her first book “An Exchange of Love...Animals healing people in past, present and future lifetimes” published by O Books. “The Whale Whisperer” and “Your Pets’ Past Lives and how they can heal you” (now translated into Chinese and German) published by Findhorn Press.
Her meditation CDs “Whale Whispers, Lion Roars- a journey to re-empowerment” channelled meditations from the whales and sacred white lions, “Fearless Earth meditations for Gaia”, and her new CD“Whale Hearts and Dragon Flight… Gifts from the Guardians of Gaia”. Her Oracle card set “Animal Whispers Empowerment cards” are also available from Findhorn press and Amazon etc..
She also collaborated on the Amazon.com No.1 bestseller “Dolphins and Whales Forever” website www.madeleinewalker.co.uk

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