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Music & Time


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Sound, the energy of Creation

In ancient times the theraputic quality of sound was well known. The vibration of sound has such a pivotal role in the ancient thought that its nature is likened to that of the universe itself. The i read more


THE DAY OUT OF TIME JULY 25, 2013, THURSDAY 7 storm year PEACE THROUGH CULTURE The New Year in the thirteen moon calendar is not the same as Gregorian New Year, January 1, but is celebrated the day read more

The Singing Tardis

The Singing Tardis Musical Time Travel One of the things that amazes me about my experience of sounding is how it can bring create connections across time and space. The creative process of intera read more

Lifemusic - Connecting People to Time (Extract 1)

Connecting to Time Time is one of the great archetypal experiences of man, and has eluded all our attempts towards a completely rational explanation. The universe was created with time and not in ti read more


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